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 I was walking down the Street in NYC on 57th Street on my way out of work, I look up and I see a Giant EBAY logo and it’s a whole store dedicated to EBAY.  My first thought was to go inside but i was in a  rush. I put it off for now, but trust me if it is anything like 40 Year Old Virgin Movie this store will have us all cracking up. In the Movie 40 Year Old Virgin a character walks into EBAY store tries to buy a pair of sparkle knee high boots with the glass bottoms, some crazy pimp juice 70’s ish lol. I will be back with pictures and 411 on this store after i visit!.



57th Street between 5th and 6th  Avenue New York City



Follow them on twitter: http://twitter.com/eBayDailyDeal

When we approached the front of EBAY store i wandered a moment before recording because i wanted to get permission from staff (courtesy before blogging). I asked a man that I saw entering store with an Ebay ID, he couldn’t answer off the bat and told me it may not fly with the “main people” I said “What?!, the MEAN people?” He said NO the main people, like management!..apparently i walked in on a corporate day 🙂 I am always one to maneuver getting my way, and this was a harmless request..so i was not giving up. I had a question and it had to be answered!


We walked inside i chatted a moment, and then sought out some on in charge and got permission to blog about store as long as we promised to keep camera on me. PERFECT i love cameras!


I walked around, browsed the items in person and on line with the help of store reps. I found out that you can select items and purchase directly thru ebay via web and mobile phone. They have come out with a new iPhone app which is the 2nd biggest app next to iTunes that will take you directly to EBAY shopping. There’s also a shake and view app, when you shake your iPhone all the new deals and best offers will show up on screen.

The EBAY MOBILE STORE will be on tour thru the holiday season, the 57th Street location tour began November 20th and ends November 29th 2009. If you would like to locate EBAY MOBILE TOUR you can visit www.ebayholiday.com and it will give you a view of a map with stars to all locations.

For stopping by i was given gifts from EBAY that included a Tote Bag with EBAY logo, a root beer scented”smencil”…that’s a pencil that smells like root beer! (yes i am going to use it and no i am not going to be tempted to lick the pencil lol), and an EBay notebook. The entire staff was friendly and courteous. The overall answers i received were throrough and NO they did not have the Sparkly Shoes on display from “40 Year Old Virgin” skit. I made sure to ask about the store protocol, they will sell stuff on ebay to you, but not for you..so do not…i repeat DO NOT go in there with your 1970’s disco funk shoes and outfits trying to make extra $$, just do it yourself at home it’s simple!

They even got ME to take a survey about my experience in the store in the middle of my video footage! Now that’s good marketing lol.  That being said…let’s take a look at some pictures and footage below:



 items from the “what’s hot” part of EBAY sellers lists on prime display


Thank you to entire EBAY STAFF at EBAY mobile tour on 57th St NYC we had a blast. THANK YOU EBAY!

Special Thanks to my Good Friend Sasha who accompanied me and filmed via my camera.





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