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Posted: December 16, 2009 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in RANDOM
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I would like to call a meeting at the round table! Voice your opinions on the following topics i would love your feedback!

1. Relationships in Winter VS. Summer “When to cuff and not to cuff” lol.. i think it should be whenever the time is right. Some people base it on the weather because you are more likely to stay home with this person in cold weather than be out flaunting your relationship in the nice weather. Personally if your noticing a pattern of only having “relationships” in the winter it’s probably because your the “indoor chic” the girl who he wants to chill with indoors only, and not take anywhere. You are there for his beck and call, but you are not important enough to go on outings with his friends+family..if that sounds like you.. DUMP HIM ! Guys if you are in same boat..your up a creek with no paddle. It’s all for a reason lol.

2. Recent Celebrity Antics around same time of dropping new hit song or album. Why!!! Publicity stunt…maybe….attention whores..probably!!

3. Fashion: To wear or not to wear

4.Internet Radio VS. AM/FM Radio …which is better. I believe internet radio is taking over, there is more wifii and internet service for computers, cell apps, etc than theres signal with an antennae in most work environments and or places people would tune in.

5. Last but not least: tell me your best and or worst dating experiences, and i will respond with my opinion and advice for you the best I can!


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