Adan Gonzalez Murdered in Spanish Harlem February 6th 2010

Posted: February 8, 2010 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in JACKIESPEAKS247 BLOG, MEDIA, murder, spanish harlem, stabbing
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R.I.P. Adan Gonzalez September 25, 1981 -February 6, 2010. Anyone that has ever met this man whether it was 5 minutes or 5 years knows he never changed on you. He was humble, positive, outgoing, funny, and a great person overall. He went thru struggles just like the rest of us, and each time he took an optimistic approach. I have known him for 8 years and change, he taught me alot and i will truely miss him. He was working full time to take care of his mother and had no children, nor was he married. He was 28 years old. He is one of my good friends that was there for me in all the most important days of my life from my birthday to my mothers funeral. A mentor, a brother, and an amazing individual. I can barely write at this time.. this post is to inform you of Adans Murder and i ask that you read carefully and repost , you never know who knows him.
Adan Gonzalez 28 years old was a close personal friend of mine more like family. He was killed in spanish harlem february 6th early morning and his candles are lit In prayer on second avenue / 115st in his memory, there is no motivation for someone to hurt this man he is extremely humble and did not deserve this. An investigation is underway and I hope the person is caught and prosecuted soon. Adan enjoyed life to the fullest, till his very last breath. im sure he danced, sang, and laughed that night…the terrible thing is that he had to suffer. it tears my heart in to a billion pieces. For respect to his family and him I have removed various details from this blog, in short his life was taken from him and we all pray that the case is resolved so that he may rest in peace.

Anyone who saw or heard anything that night please come forward if you get more information. There is a detective on the case you may call Det Henriquez at the 25 Squad               212-860-6536         212-860-6536

also please fill out this form to the Police Commissioner let him know that the we need an arrest and conviction on Adans murder !

the fundraiser event is as follows:!/event.php?eid=294433738671&ref=nf

Location:Orbit 116th and 1st Ave
Time:7:00PM Thursday, February 11th
all proceeds will be given to gonzalez family

Adan Gonzalez’s Wake/Funeral Information : 103rd St between Lexington & Park aves. Ortiz Funeral Home Wednesday Thursday is the velorio, 4-9, 3-9 Mass is @ 9am Friday He gets buried afterwards…(Via tanisha)

the facebook post link for info post feel free to add comments there :!/notes/jackie-damodel/adan-gonzalez-murdered-in-spanish-harlem-february-6-2010/297302551441

I will add to this post soon, when i am composed and able to vent. for now this is the 411.


Met him at Doshi Diagnostic (old job) he was an asst manager i was a supervisor, together we made the work day pass with jokes and positive work ethic. We became good friends, often hung out outside the office. We became like family at each others bdays, houses, events…funerals etc. Ive met a lot of great people thru him that are now mutual friends, any friend of his was a friend of mine and vice versa. He trained me to handle the medical field and to this day whenever it gets tough i remember him saying “tranquilla nena, everything will be ok”. Last few years we didnt see each other as much due to life changes and responsibilities.. he introduced me to a place called orbitz on my bday last year.. he begged me to go there and have dinner and some drinks bc he didnt want me to go home on my bday after work and do nothing… i had a great time we danced, laughed and we always reminisce of old stories and new..bochinche lol. He made sure that i left with a smile. In the summer when i returned from vacation.. i hung out with him for the puerto rican festival.. we went to a friends bbq and had a ball.. i introduced him to more of my friends.. him as well. opened more connections among positive people. His aura is amazing.. i could be on the brink of insanity and he would just say “bupkis talk to me” -bupkis is what we called each other at work like “ur opinion aint bupkis lol” it stuck .. and i would vent and feel better. or “rrraaddaaammm” like a cat .. because when i was whining “leave me alone like a kid he said i sounded like a cat.. rraaddaaammm leave me alone” lol.. i miss him
I recently underwent a diagnostic surgery and an operative procedure his last aim message to me was “santa santa culita de rana” and “to feel better”

*his last FB post said ” “Style” is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.”-adan gonzalez

if i fell off the face of the earth for months he would still find a way to just say hello to check on me, and i always loved that..we all go thru times where we dont want to be bothered.. but if we shut out the world.. people may never know when u really need them. If i dissapeared suddenly would anyone notice? these are the things going thru my head now. Why would someone take the life of an innocent man, and then leave him to die ..and on top of that rob him?.. this world is unjust. at this time.. ms speaks247 is actually speechless and trying to cope. I will be visiting the site of his “location of death” to pray and speak with other loved ones. i will also attend and create fundraisers periodically, his mother is a good woman i met her, she deserves all the love and support we give to adam to be given to her as well as respect. If you know Adan I urge you to re-post this message from me, i would appreciate it.

  1. Add-On says:

    I am deeply saden to hear about the lost, from the way you speak of him, it seems like we lost another great person on this earth but heaven gain an angel..I express my deepest and dearest condolences to you jackie and to the rest of his family.

    Add-On Music Group / Lokixximo Music

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  3. thank you i really do appreciate you taking the time to read about my friend, im so heartbroken and lost right now.

  4. brenda says:

    I am still shocked about what happen, adam was such a great person im going to miss him so much.. I knwn adam for 2years but it was like i knowned him forver.He was alway there when u needed someone to talk to he help me to cope with things in many ways. im gonna miss our conversations thru aim an bbm.. I had a good time with him last sat when he took me to the movies for my birthday, he was so such a sweet guy, sarcastic but very sweet. Adam i will never forget u, u will always be in my heart, luv ya.

  5. lexsandra says:

    Jackie,This is soo hard!!!I worked with Adan at the Allen Hospital presently..This place
    is like a ghost town without him..Everyoneis walking around like zombies all you can hear is peoples whimpers and cries..He was and is an amazing person loved by soo many.He brightned my day every day..

  6. everyone is as sad and frustrated as i am about this from what ive read on his page on FB .. im angry that no answers have surfaced as to who did this.. im angry they made him suffer.. and im sad that i lost one of the best people ive ever known.. im choking back tears since i heard and sometimes smiling when i calm down and im able to just live off memories and re read his texts .. he was a good man, a good son, and a good brother and friend.. i really hope the police dept doesnt dismiss this case as another random latino that was killed.. they are classing it as attempted robbery but they neglected to mention murder. it disgusts me how a human being can be so cruel as to take the life of someone else.. and i can only think of one thing that would make someone not like him.. that he was handsome and charismatic and they were just jealous! the man that did this to adan will be caught and justice will be served i pray!!!!

    thank you everyone for checking out this link and posting your thoughts every word helps

  7. Cauze says:

    God bless his family & friends. You all have my condolences & prayers. Lets repost & retweet this blog and pray to get some answers.

  8. Bea says:

    Hey Jackie I don’t know if you remember me, but I also worked at Doshi that’s were I met Adam after what happen September 11. Nelson and him had to go to the Doshi on Willoughby Street to work. I thought him and Nelson were so sweet and handsome. We all got along real well, but after I left Doshi I had so many personal problems I really didn’t keep in contact with him which I regret. He was an amazing incredible guy and hope who ever took him away from us is caught & sent to jail for the rest of his life. I will pray for justice to be served & for Adam’s family….

  9. Bea ur name rings a bell and i bet i do know u ..all of us were like a crazy family at work back then, that place would make or break the end wall found new jobs and kept in touch. yes both of them are handsome as always.. and i cant believe that the last time i will see adam in person will have to be this not good at these things considering i lost too many people in my life n such little time.. luckily i have many people who share my emotions and will be there in prayer or in person to hold me down as i say goodbye to him.. this blog has been viewed 200 times in one day.. there are people who truely care for adan and the cops better solve this mystery or spanish harlem will be in an uproar of protest.. how can anyone feel safe when these things happen and as minorities we get ignored? i dont get it.. adan needs justice for this tragedy point blank ..

  10. i kep looking at my cell phone wallpaper it is a picture of me and adan in the bbq for pr festival and i have this silly shot glass from my vacation in mexico that was the week before i told adan it reminded me of him .. a fresco!.. and i brought tequilla from mexico also and made him try it .. we were discussinga group vacation ..this will never be the same 😦

  11. Clark Pena says:


    Community Activist Tony Herbert, Fernando Mateo will join over 100 other Harlem community and civic activists as well as friends and family in a rally for an immediate investigation of the violent murder of Adan Gonzalez. Alan was killed coming home from the popular uptown club Orbit on Saturday. He was a life-long resident of Harlem and medical assistant at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. The rally will take place outside Orbit on Thursday February 11, 2010 at 7pm located at 116th and 1st Avenue. A reception and community mourning will follow immediately inside with local activists paying tribute. The community is outraged over this incident and looking for an investigation and answers from the Police and Local Law Enforcement Agencies.

    Contact: Clark Pena 646-515-1431
    or Todd Shapiro 212-967-5700

  12. augie rivera says:

    hey, my name is augie and im one of the trombone players for johnny mambo y su rico son. i had the pleasure of meeting adan at orbits a while back and soon he was hanging out at most of our gigs. last friday, after the performance at orbits, as i was leaving he taps me on the shoulder and says “hey you guys kicked ass tonight!” i told him thanks for hanging out with us and for his support of live music, and he replied “you guys are great man! you know i’ll be there!” i would never in a million years have thought that would be the last time i speak to him. it saddens me to see a cool cat like adan have his life cut short like that. my condolences to his family and friends. he will be missed.

  13. Carmen Diaz says:

    Adan was a very special man. I met him through my sister. They went to same HS and kept in touch. Adan was always so pleasant and captivating. He spent Christmas and New Years at my home. He surely made festivities more fun, with his laughter and great dancing skills. He brought so much happiness to my sisters life. I didn’t know how much he had impacted mine or how much I cared for him until I heard of tragic news. He was truly one of those humans that once you met him, you instantly knew he was a keeper as a friend. This saddens me and I pray that he R.I.P, because we will not rest, until we find who did this to him. How dare they?! The ingrate who robbed him is just as guilty as the one who assaulted him. Justice must be served!!! Adan, You were loved and will be missed dearly!

  14. Simone Jhingoor says:

    I am deeply saddened and shocked as well over hearing about the death of Aden. He was a good friend from high school. We went to MCSM together which is right in that area as well. I was just watching the news and saw his picture and found out that way…I can’t believe it. I pray they find who did this to him. He didn’t deserve this. And, I pray that his soul is resting in peace. He was an amazing person and he will be missed. I wish I could have made his memorial tonight. RIP Aden.

  15. Clark Pena says:

    Street Re-Naming
    As a former member of community board 11 street renamings are done through the board first and then the city. Like everything else you will need political assistance. Its a long process but can be done.
    Visit your local Community Board
    CB #11
    118 Street and Park Avenue
    Ask for Norma; She will be glad to help

    Clark Pena

  16. thank you everyone who took the time to read my blog, all of your efforts and memories are appreciated i really miss hima nd i hope that this case is solved so he can rest in peace and i can keep my faith in the police dept and not feel unsafe .. i havent been able to eat, sleep, or wake up and not be shaking and throwing up from disgust .. this was a cold blooded murder and it was not normal.. this is not just another latino that got stabbed.. this was a man that was loved and was murdered in cold blood. the murderer has no respect for human life and no remorse! i havent been on my blog or really on facebook the last few days i couldnt handle it. we buried adan yesterday and im still in disbelief.

  17. i have not been able to accept it, i have not went to his facebook page to view his friends chats an dstories of him.. i didnt even go on my own fb for a long time.. its so painfull an dat one point i just decided to pretend it is not real to get thru it.. but i wake up knowing its life.. and these things should not happen but they do. i have to get back to my self and try not to be down.. it is not healthy .. at this time im unable to speak with half the people trying to reach me for little interviews and what not.. i am focusing on ideas to create fundraisers for his family when the weather gets better, and waiting to hear if the person was caught yet.. this is tragic.. thank you everyone who re posted my blog and or commented – j

  18. bea he new says:

    every one think you no adan no you didnt i knew from high school to now and the one thing his true friends no is that he loved one and her name is kim my sister which adan new for nine years since we were all kids but we will miss you. we know you sexed many but loved one truly r.i,p papi

  19. bea he new says:

    its going to be hard to go the bar on my birthday with my sisters to meet up with you and you are not there but i will buy you a drink and place it at the bar knowing your there in spirit

  20. I was updating a blog via my blackberry and accidentally approved all comments even the nasty remarks above from the loser female who had nerve to try and bring drama to a blog over the deceased… Just wanted to aplogize for allowing her comment to get approved…but I will leave it there for her embarrassment!! We know who u are

  21. I have been looking around and actually am impressed by the exceptional content material here. I work the nightshift at my job and it really gets boring. I’ve been coming right here for the past couple nights and reading. I simply needed to let you know that I’ve been enjoying what I’ve seen and I look ahead to reading more.

  22. i appreciate that very much beverly, i emailed you when i first received this commnet but just in case.. i wanted to let you know that ill be updating as much as possible sometimes it gets busy.. i also have a radio show saturdays wheer you can tune in to hear new music and news 3-6pm est on feat myself “jackie da model”, tony delavora, and dj superstar boogie .. take care .. best, jackie

  23. Hannah says:

    Do you have an biography we can use about you….? if so can you email us.

  24. hannah i emailed you at what i think is your direct email.. let me know.. i will send you a bio + picture

  25. David says:

    Thanks for the information. I’ve added you in my link list. – Blessings

  26. David says:

    By the way, people transmigrate…they do not pass away. You may want to look up that word…educate yourself. I have 30 years of investigative research under my belt, you may want to know a few things…get a better handle in life experience. – all the best

  27. that is fine, however the term people normally use is “pass away” to lighten up the “he/she died” announcement.. transmigrate might be the correct term i do believe you, but I am a stubborn writer and i express myself in a certain way.. thank you for subscribing i appreciate any/all feedback!! .. happy holidays =)

  28. Millie Pena says:

    It breaks my heart for his family that it’s been 6 years and his killer hasn’t been caught and brought to justice. 😢 He was such an amazing person and it hurts every year that killer is lose and enjoying life while Adan’s friends and loved ones suffer with the fact that such a wonderful loving soul was tragically taken and justice was never brought for them.
    Is there any new information that you know of?
    I can’t find anything past March 2010.
    I would also love to find out where he is buried. I had to work the morning of his funeral and burial.

    • Hey millie, I still to this day have not heard a word about a capture and it is terrifying to know someone is out there that did this. I too am extremely saddened and broken hearted, he was one of my closest friends. I have only went to cemetery with a mutual friend of ours, I can’t recall the exact location but I can ask. If you like shoot me an email, Millie I thank you for your comment and concern, we all want to know why this happened and who did it. Coming to terms with the loss is one thing, having to live in confusion is a worse thing. He is surely missed.

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