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Being that I have a job in an office I have a good health insurance and am fortunate enough to pay a low monthly premium. I have the choice of a plan with no deductible, same copay for everything, and no referrals required.
Some people are less fortunate because they have horrid employers who select crappy plans that leave them using their check for health insurance and fees rather than food and quality of life.
Then there are the people who are not working that have free or low cost insurance from the government, no authorization is required for many things. They have to see doctors in the clinic which consists of about 30-40 patients who are all told the same appointment time and its first come first serve..sit down shut up or leave treatment!.

The downfall with all insurance is finding the best specialists..usually the best doctors take no insurance or PPO-best plans only. So now the low income government cases are stuck.. stuck with just getting by, just enough care, lucky if they get what they need in the right time span. The people with good plans like myself…make it sound great but guess what?.. I called a doctor recently and there was a 3 month wait for an appointment is all part of a political game .. alot of the points are personal choices set up by the practice or hospital. I applied for a safety net type deal with a company meant for “accidental insurance” or “cancer” just in case. They said NO because they saw i had been in a few car accidents and also had a surgery scheduled. Not one thing had to do with the other. It was frustrating to hear them say NO, not because of any hidden agenda..but because I thought as a person who chose to spend money and be prepared for the worst they should not have shut me down..months later here we are talking about healthcare reform with Obama.
There are Pro’s and Cons to being forced into a situation of any kind. I was content with my insurance and the way it is set up, but I do understand that in order to make it fair for all USA citizens he implemented this plan. What i do not understand is why he went and upset all illegal immigrants by denying them coverage and that is even with their own cash. Half of the country is populated by illegal immigrants, those are the hardest working people i have ever seen. They appreciate life and freedom for all it is worth. I wish there was a way for the republicans and democrats to come to a happy understanding and not piss off the public but their jobs are to create controversy and build expectations as well as crush some peoples dreams.
The following are points i read in the Post Paper today in my own interpretation:
Spends billions over 10 years, but cuts deficit by even more billions over a decade.
For people/individuals theres a fee of $95 or 1% of income in 2014 whichever is greater it will go higher in 2016. I suppose this is to prove a point of YOU BETTER HAVE INSURANCE as if the point wasnt already clear.
For Businesses firms with 50+ staff pay a fine of $2000 per employee for entire staff.
Medicaid will cover families suffering in poverty, based on income scales and percentage of people vs income.
Dont forget the tax return perks and credits…stimulas etc.
Slashing fees and stopping RX coverage caps.
Hiking payroll taxes for people who make over 200,000 a year and 250,000 for married couples. New MCR Tax of 3.8%. Excise tax of 10% on indoor tanning!-TANNING!!! because it is harmful to your health, depending how much you do it…but isnt everything?.. Fees on medical equipment and brand name RX’s.
No plan will mandatorily have abortion covered and the plans that do offer it patient will have to pay for it out of pocket not using public funds.
They can stay on parents plan until 26 years old…Cannot be denied coverage for pre existing conditions.
An additional 32 million ppl or 95% of americans will now have coverage. rrangements for special situations are intact like people with small businesses and individuals. No denial for pre existing conditions or finagle high prices. EVERYONE MUST get insurance one way or another. Special insurance pool for high risk people. Insurers cannot put lifetime caps on payout.

I personally think this is an 80% good idea, the other 20% is that its too good to be true so far.. sure everyone will have coverage and we can all stop dealing with the pesky authorizations etc.. but do you realize how many over crowded facilities are going to become worse? It may be almost as bad as Canada with their FREE insurance.. the difference is .. insurance is like a credit card people who didnt have it or dont really use it may abuse it. People who are in need and are sick are now all in same pool of patients..and everyone will have to make decisions prioritizing how to see whom and why.

-JDM Over and out for now!


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