Today’s Youth harming society for acceptance

Posted: April 12, 2010 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in Uncategorized

I cannot understand how children are so insecure in this day and age that they feel the need to be part of corruption in order to be accepted. Every day we read about violence and tragedy. This week I read about a set of children / tweens between 12 and 15 years old that were running around assaulting Asian People in Lower manhattan. Hate crimes seem to be over looked when it isn’t happening to one of our own, whether it be our own race, family, or friend. I just want to say my heart goes out to anyone that was a victim of a hate crime. I do not know if this was part of a gang initiation or a simple act of boredom and hatred.

Years ago I watched different gang rivals “take over” my school and try to get kids to get with it or get lost. There were and still are warnings on certain days like halloween, where they say a certain gang is doing initiations by way of assaulting or killing a certain type, gender, or amount of people. Like they have a quota to make!. I scoff and keep it moving, I’m always like “yea ok, not me” but the day any little twerp or even grown person tries to play me close I am fully aware that self defense will be my savior. There are too many crazy people out there nowadays.

I recently lost a good friend and because he was Mexican-American it didn’t seem to bother anyone. He was murdered and then robbed randomly and it still remains a mystery. Because of his ethnicity and the neighborhood where it went down, it seemed like a regular day to day thing and not many reacted. We all made quite a fuss (fam and friends) and the police + media got more involved.

Guess what.. they still haven’t caught the murderer, and we still have no closure. If you ever witness a hate crime, or an act of violence it is your right and your choice to react. Just think, if that was you or a loved one, wouldn’t you want someone to help you?.

It doesn’t mean you are a snitch, or a weaker individual. It means you have a mind of your own and you aren’t following the wrong path in life.

Be Smart
Be Safe
Be on Point


DNAINFO did an article on the rapid crime growth and it includes my friend adan. Jon Schuppe contacted me from DNA here’s the link:

-Jackie da Model


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