NYC Targeted attacks and MTA Gripes


May 1st – A Car Bomb found in Times Square the heart of NYC for Tourists and entertainment lead to an investigation and conviction of Mr. Shahzad. Thankfully the car bomb failed to ignite and hurt anyone. TRUE emergency

May 14th– A false alarm on 14st Union Square area NYC. A parked car with 2 gas cans in front of Con Edison Headquarters was investigated by the bomb squad as the residents were evacuated from their apts. It turned out that the man who owned the vehicle was at a concert nearby and was a gardener for a living, the gas was for a lawn mower!. FALSE emergency

Our City wants us to be safe and are doing their best and i can respect that. However the MTA is extremely off their rocker…

The MTA whom i already loathe, has been out of wack and just got worse.  The most common delay phrases on the NYC MTA include:

“Due to an earlier incident….”

“Due to a sick passenger…”

“Due to a stalled train ahead….”

“There are no ____ bound trains…”

“please be patient as we are held in the station…”

“Due to a signal up ahead…”

Im surprised they dont slip and say ” Due to us firing half of our staff for budget cuts.. you are now forced to get off this train and wait for the next one which you will also have to transfer from because it is running on another train line and we dont care what you think because this announcement is being made by a robotic engineer on our new pretty expensive trains”

Coincidentally these little “delays” seem to happen at exact same time every day.. Im beginning to wonder how many people have been jumping in the tracks during rush hour, how many train conductors had to take a shit, and how many false alarms have stalled the service. Seriously?.. We pay top dollar for “fare hikes” and we are left with worse service then what we had. Instead of a happy 45 min ride i have been forced to re-route and expect a “road trip” every time i need to get somewhere..smh

  1. HILARIOUS after i write this blog i take a walk thru the city i hop on the R train on 34th street and by Rector Street were kicked off
    “Due to doors not working..” Waited like 20 minutes for next train which was a stupid W train that last stop is whitehall!.I shared a conversation with another frustrated straphanger who had read my blog!.. coincidence huh. MTA SUCKS! lol.

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