Jackie Heard WHAT!?!? July 8th 2010

Posted: July 8, 2010 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in Uncategorized

The department of Education has decided to change their disciplinary guidelines to include actions against cyber bullying and “sexting”. First of all .. kids in junior highschool shouldnt be on social networks or sending perverse messages point blank.. how about implementing better parenting ?.. but thats just my opinion!.. let’s see how well this works for the Dept of Education.

MTA FAIL .. with no express N in manhattan i now officially hate the MTA budget cuts.. about 2 wks ago i spent 4 hours of my day trying to get 30 minutes across brooklyn thanks to missing bus lines. They have gone too far. Once again i have to say.. i may start a blog or segment dedicated to all the crazy shit the MTA does daily between the staff and the people its outrageous. it now takes me anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to get to work it depends what side of the bed the conductor woke up on that day.. nuff said.


Recently there were a string of natural disasters or mother nature just having fun with us. 6/25 there was a tornado in CT, not long before there was an earthquake in canada that sent tremors thru NYC, and i believe yesterday an earthquake in California. In NY we just have a minor heat wave going on.. thank god my AC is finally being put to good use ((you dont wanna know.. the ac story))

A 3 Year old girl was attacked by a Coyote in Rye NY.. and my last blog mentioned a tree branch that killed an infant.. we no longer worry about being shot or stabbed in NY now its just when animals or nature attacks!.. smh..

Lebron James is rumored to be switching to Miami Heat .. we find out tonight 7/8 when he announces it live on TV where his true destination will be. The rumor is  Jay Z a good friend of his has a house in CT which is where Lebron is going to do announcement at a boys & Girls club .. (those clubs are everywhere why is he going all the way over there).. and all of his recent actions are leading up to Miami Heat.. lets see!


I heard a lot more.. but that was a snippet!..


xoxo till next blog!..

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