My name is Jackie da Model. Part of my dream growing up was to make sure I do something that I LOVE involving entertainment and turn my unique voice and creative imagination into something useful. What started off as a guest spot at a radio show on Urban Latino Radio last year has landed me a permanent spot with my own show now and for that opportunity I am grateful. My friend DJ Abrupt gave me the first guest host spot and more friends helped soon after with my artistic development. My focus and goal to be a Radio Host and Model is moving quickly, in the past beginning 2005 I was skeptical on working with certain people regarding modeling so I would shy away from the entertainment field after certain projects only to come right back where I belong. I followed my heart and my talent will show and prove for itself. I wear many hats when it comes to this industry. As I grow within it, I help others on my path to success and continue to stay humble and blessed to have so many supporters in this movement.

Internet radio has become a part of my life and a part of my soul, I love making people laugh while at the same time enlightening them on the latest trends, news, comedy and music.  What better way to reach out to people on all levels than my voice! The dawn of “The Jackie Speaks Show” has begun. Many artists, celebrity DJs, models, radio hosts, directors and all around talent will be coming by for interviews and to participate in our fun discussions. The show Airs every Saturday on 3-6pm eastern standard time.

Together with my awesome DJ Super Star Boogie of too much to handle DJ Crew (2m2h djs), we became a dynamic duo and a force to be reckoned with. Loyalty and Productivity are in place and we plan to break new records, and surprise the listeners with each show leaving them wanting more!.


DJ Super Star Boogie aka the young phenom who hails from Bushwick Brooklyn has been DJing since 14 years old. He started off with a team named “stop the madness” and then became part of DJ Crew “2m2h” djs at 20 years old. He currently DJs NYC venues as well as private events delivering a unique mix that always gets the crowd hype.  His knowledge of music history and blends of old and newschool music are endless, and impressive. His music keeps me dancing during the show and Listeners at home enjoy it so much it is their fix before heading out for the evening. When Boogie is not DJing he enjoys time with his beautiful daughter Surreal and his family. He is a talented and genuine man on the rise in this industry. Not only does he DJ but he is an official MADDEN PS3 champion watch out he might beat you next!.

“I go by the name of DJ SuperStar Boogie I rep that 2m2h djs, im an up and coming DJ From Brooklyn With A Dream Of Being Famous and Im almost there” -DJ Super Star Boogie.

The latest Mixtape “New Jack City” with DJ Carlito also of 2M2H DJs is incredible.

For Mixtape info feel free to twitter us at: or &

Below Please Listen to the podcast of our first show:

This show was dedicated to my mother whom i lost 5 years ago Maria Del Carmen and a good friend who passed February 2010 Adan Gonzalez.

Topics were:

Would you rather take MTA trains or Drive in NYC and why?

Would you rather call 911 or a family or friend and why?

Roundtable Discussion on STOP THE VIOLENCE Campaign set to begin and fundraisers to be held.



Special Guest Clark Pena of Security USA and guest Co Host Alex Baez of Ascap for show debut with myself


Special Guest Clark Pena of Security USA and guest Co Host Alex Baez of Ascap for show debut with Myself and DJ SSB




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  2. Alex Baez says:

    Very well written article and I was honored to be part of a wonderful new porject for you which I foresee a lot of success! This is a great start and many congratulations! You know you have my support!! God bless!

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