For My Mother Open Mic 2005

Posted: August 12, 2010 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in JACKIESPEAKS247 BLOG, life and death, open mic
In just 2 days I lost my sanity

The mind behind my heart was on it’s last thought.

The heart that saved me on it’s last beat.

Reality sets in based on what I had to see

I was cool until the call on my cell

The call that set off the last nerve I had

I couldn’t react

I jumped in a cab quick fast

Dropped off my niece, got up wit my sisters and did the dash

I cant take this sh!t

Watchin my mother suffer for strength

Hooked up to machines, pumpin her wit medicine

Tryina get her to blink

Attached to her bedside for hours

Her body shuttin down slowly

It was sudden like the collapse of the towers

In a coma but she still heard me

She rubbed my hand and squeezed tight

While I begged her to put up a fight

My sisters lookin out takin turns checkin

Vitals only got worse every split second

Waitin room looked like a slap in the face

You know it’s over when there’s no seats in the place

Front to back family and friends reminiscin to stay up

My eyes bloodshot red I’m on the verge of throwin up

They forced me to leave, go home and get sleep

I agreed cuz my body was gettin too weak

I told my sister I’d be back in a few and off I went to I.C.U.

To say goodnight to my mother, only to find my aunt beside her

Shes gone now, nothing can be done to revive her.

I burst out in tears as I watched them pray.

I still stand in denial to this day.

To me she’s some where Im not.

Ill be there before I know’s life’s little plot.

We were all born to live life and then slowly get got.

* Value the ones U love b4 its too late thats the lesson I learned from what life put on my plate.- BABY J*-

::::::::::::::R.I.P. Maria Del Carmen 04-26-05:::::::::::::::

::::::::TRU STORY::::::::


  1. Mago says:

    This is an awesome poem Jackie. I know your mother is proud of you seeing all the things you are achieving. Much Love. Mago!

  2. Sasha says:

    Amazing poem Jack. Just know that she is looking down on you in awe of all that you do. You and your family were her reason for living. She’s in a better place now rooting for you with front row seats always.

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