Bong gone WRONG facebook pic post from unfit mom

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When i see this picture in the paper all of a sudden i thought: BONG GONE WRONG!!! and envisioned a mom in jail and her baby taken away and being raised by strangers due to her stupidity!

FACEBOOK the start to many a woe.. whether its a relationship squabble over a comment post, picture post, and or LIE to excuse the content or just a plain old embarrassing TAG in a photo. For some it is a personal site to share and communicate with relatives…and for others like teenage mom Rachel Stieringer in Florida it is a testament to her immaturity and entertainment for ignorant people part of Unfit Parents Association (just kidding that association doesnt exist but if it did shed be the CEO)..anyway.. Miss Rachel thought it would be funny to take a picture of her 11 month year old baby with a bong, and even funnier to post it on facebook for her friends to see. WHATS THE NUMBER TO ACS AGAIN!?…. heres the photo! (photo via new york post)

The mom was also arrested and let out on bail last month for possession of drugs.. the bail was $502 (weird amount but anyway…) Mom defended her actions by saying that she would never put her baby in danger, there was no tobacco in the pipe and she posted that pic to show “one f****g person” and it got blown out of proportion ..she whines that now everyone is bashing her for what she did.

well you know what .. if your baby gets arrested for selling and doing drugs when hes older im sure he will think its funny if he has your sense of humor THAT IS ALL!!

-Jackie da model


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