New MTA Fare Hike AGAIN!

Posted: August 25, 2010 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in JACKIESPEAKS247 BLOG, MEDIA, MTA
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Monthly $89 card will go up to $130

Weekly $27 card will go up to $38

Single Rides $2.25 will go up to $2.50

This is ridiculous, as I write this update I am getting ready to take the train via NYC and suffer the following griefs:

Just two days ago i was chopped in the arm 2x by the stupid door because as i was walking in they decided to say “stand clear” and by the time the sentence finished I was struck twice. I couldve been chopped in half if I had no meat on me!!!…

Annoyance by stragglers with issues like attitude, hygiene, taking up 2-3 seats etc…

Smelly train carts thanks to homeless people living in train.

Freezing temperatures because the MTA feels the need to blast the Air Conditioner on a rainy day w/ no consideration. (cough cough)

and much more…

At this point all I see is a cry for help from MTA over budget cuts, first you fire everyone now you take advantage of your loyal customers.. at least fix the stations up, or have schedules that run on time..and for gods sake clean up the population of panhandlers and homeless people!

Must go to work now (Screams YAY… I still have a job.. to pay for my expensive metro card)



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