La Mujer en la calle “CHIKA”

Posted: October 24, 2010 by The Bush Twins in CELEBRITY INTERVIEW, MUSIC, NEW YORK
Author: Raleena Danielle
twitter @ralsoloca
Monica “Chika” Delacruz
Ten years ago Chika was a unknown background singer for the salsa group DLG (Dark Latin Groove), now Chika has a new sound: Latin hip hop.
She came from a broken home where her mother was a drug addict, and died when Chika was ten from AIDS. Chika used poetry as an outlet. Growing up in Brooklyn, Chika was always a tomboy and wanted to get in the circle with the neighborhood boys. In order for her to do so, she turned her poems into raps. Soon she found that rapping gave her attention and people were receptive to her sound.
Chika had a few setbacks along the way. She is Latina and was only considered as a Reggaeton artist which she is not. “Being pretty, Latina and bilingual has been a curse and a gift, you have to prove yourself 200 million times more.”
She has been compared to being a female version of Pitbull and Big Pun. “I want to compete with the boys, being compared to a female would offend me,” Chika says.

Not only does she rap but she writes, composes, arranges and produces music. She wants to dip into everything and become a brand. “If you have no label you have no choice but to help yourself. Being strong without a team is easier because your only promoting yourself.”

Chika is also in a group called Chika Malina and in the summer of ’09 their single made Billboards Top 20 in the Tropical airplane category. She is still committed to the group but has been focusing on her on music. “The grind of being an artist is that you can’t be scared to get dirty.”

The advice Chika gives to those trying to make it in the music world is “make sure you have something different to bring to the table, surround yourself with positive people that believe in you, everything will be easier when people do.”
Look out for her mix tape Pa La Calle which includes merengue, cumbia, pop, hip hop, reggaeton, dance and soca.
For more information on Chika you can visit her website,, and

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