Winter Cuffing Vs. Spring Flings

“Winter Cuffing Vs. Spring Flings”
By Jackie da Model

So it has come to my attention that people tend to get together for the long term during the winter, and have casual flings in the spring time. I asked a few different people their opinions on this observation. We all know that the Winter is too cold to be outdoors and guys are too lazy to run around “having fun” in less than 20 degrees. Spring is a time where everyone is enjoying the weather and also activities outdoors and therefore have more of a chance to meet people consistently and date or decide if they want to just “chill”.

Weighing the pro’s and con’s of winter dating and spring dating have led me to the conclusion that making excuses for wanting to commit or run wild tend to come from those who are unsure of themselves. If you can’t trust yourself to behave in nice weather what makes you think you will in the cold?.  If you want to be with someone exclusively it doesn’t matter the weather, it matters who that person is and what they can offer you. Do they complete you?, Do they understand you?, Can they keep you satisfied? Those should be the ideal reasons, not “I want to stay in and cuddle because its cold so I need a cuddle buddy” or “Lets go speed dating in the spring”.

That’s the equivalent of the date you bring everywhere vs. the indoor boo. The date you bring everywhere may have won the respect and the honor of meeting friends and family. The indoor boo is most likely only good for sex or companionship. NUFF SAID! Get it together ladies and gents!!!

“Never make someone your priority when you are only their option”-anonymous quote

I have lived and learned and at this time I can honestly say that Love is unexpected, so let’s not search in the hot chocolate aisle at the bodega ….if your meant to be you will meet that person at the time best for both of you.

Stay Focused!!


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