So as you know we recently had a crazy snow blizzard in NY leaving many of the 5 boroughs snowed in and under with over 2 feet of snow. People were at a standstill with public transportation and also roadways. I saw things I never thought I would see. Bloomberg has really done it this time!!!.

The following are things I heard and are indeed true facts:

A man was found dead in the snow in Staten Island by another man who was shoveling. The man had apparently had a heart attack and was then covered in snow.

A baby died because an ambulance took too long to get to him and also because 911 took too long to get the call.

A man who attempted suicide off a building actually lived thanks to all the garbage that was not being collected by the dept of sanitation! He landed on a garbage bag and damaged his spine but survived the fall.

A riot and several fights (all at the same time) broke out on the D train in Brooklyn due to irate passengers once the trains were up and running. They were running once an hour and then packed to capacity so every train that did show up was followed by fist fights and impatience.

Angry home owners in Brooklyn and I’m sure other boroughs were fuming because not only did the city not plow the snow for 3-5 days, but on top of that when they finally did they tossed all the snow from the street right back onto the cleaned sidewalks! Oh yeah..and back on top of the garbage that STILL hasn’t been picked up which Bloomberg expects homeowners to have dug out.

Luckily we had some strange heat wave on Saturday and by today alot of the snow has melted and or been plowed away. We are left with ice patches and some snow and slush…and umm the garbage (I hope they get it tomorrow because it looks like a fort along the curb!)

This NEW YORK snow blows update brought to you by Jackie da Model 😉

@jackiespeaks247 on twitter

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