Charlie Sheen Rushed to Hospital


Actor Charlie Sheen 45 was rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pain after a night with a couple of porn stars and alleged drug use at his Beverly Hills home.  Many of you don’t know this but Charlie Sheen is actually Carlos Estevez he is a Latino in the hollywood world who like many changed their name. Charlie is very unpredictable and it sometimes gets in the way of his work. At first I read an article with a headline “SHEEN IS RUSHED TO HOSP” like wow did these girls give him a heart attack or what?.. then they mentioned a briefcase full of cocaine. Heehhhhh???? We all have heard that Charlie Sheen has abused alcohol and drugs and also had marital issues but this story is pushing the thin line between The Charlie we know on “Two and a Half Men” sitcom who is always drinking and chasing women…and the Charlie Sheen off screen who does things on his own time. Nobody knows if that Coke was his or theirs.. and it could have been both or one/other.  He is going through a lot, and I guess he is at the point in his life where he knows just how far he can go. To confirm the abdominal pain was stemming from a hiatal hernia!.

Did any of these girls including Porn Star Kacey Jordan 22 over dramatize the story or overwhelm him with drugs (knowing hed get sick or in trouble) just for 15 minutes of fame because they know that the media is on him like white on rice?

Does Charlie even care anymore about his image and how many times they threatened to end the sitcom he stars in “Two and a Half Men”?

Is this all an attack on how he is dealing with his personal stress of past 3 divorces (1st wife Donna Peele, 2nd Wife Denise Richards, 3rd Wife Brooke Mueller) and other issues and or how he’s celebrating Single Life with Sex, Porn Stars, Escorts, and drugs till its his time to go??

The world may never know!

-Jackie da Model @Jackiespeaks247

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