Ladies we often sit here and wonder about the why,what, and how of a bad ending with someone once its over. We have all at one time said “What’s his problem”!?

There is a popular saying “thinking about someone is like letting them live rent free in your head”..so if that’s the case it’s an eye opener!! How much time do we spend thinking of the “couldve wouldve shouldve’s”? it needs to stop!

I feel like my world was turned upside down this year. I went through a moment where everything felt so “perfect” then soon after everything felt so fake! My intuition lead me to a safer place where I was far from what couldve been much worse had I stuck around and settled for something much less than what I deserve. I am speaking from experience, we need to listen to our hearts and minds when it comes to love. A man will tell you everything they think you want to hear just to keep you, and sometimes they lie to you because whatever their truth is..they are scared to open up or they think its better to lie to protect our emotions when they have no idea that the truth is much easier to handle than a lie..they feel most of us will run the other way or completely go ape shit. I allowed someone into my heart after years of not accepting the “feelings” from the opposite gender on a serious long term level better yet YEARS without calling someone “boyfriend” if they didn’t deserve that title. I finally cracked this year and where did it get me?.. right back where I started! Wondering how people have become even more casual over the years and inconsiderate. There are plenty of men who are taken and or allegedly “happy” that hit on me constantly and it makes me think WOW WHAT AN ASSHOLE! They smile in their wife’s face then the first chance they get they are begging for attention from someone else, I keep on going and ignore the fuckery..it’s quite amusing how they are all so lame.

I am taking this time to write to my female audience because I want you to know that i overcame what many thought would torment me for a long time based on my utter shock and disbelief that yet again I was fooled and my initial “quiet” hiatus.  I took that broken heart and I looked ahead instead of back in time. I looked at the parts of my life that needed my attention and began repairing “me”. When we are in love we often neglect our priorities from health, work, and last but not least our social lives..we have all been there at least once. I have a few good friends that go MIA every time they are in a relationship but I understand why… the constant sacrifices to fit everyone into your calendar and keep everyone happy and the new hardships which may occur with your significant other that may “consume us” can easily feel like they are quick but last for weeks or maybe months before we realize when was the last time I had lunch with my friends? or went for a jog at my favorite place?…etc. Well let me tell you it feels great to be back!! Some people aren’t meant to be compatible although it may seem so..it’s called the “honeymoon stage” where everything is sweet right before the true colors show..don’t get me wrong there are happy couples out there but its about who you can stand to be with, because no one is perfect. Some of us have very low tolerance while others can “settle”, or even accept things that are outrageous, situations do vary. The point is, never let yourself forget who comes first..YOU.

-Jackie da Model


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