Sandy Scams

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Hurricane Sandy was a devastating natural disaster that hit us where it hurts. At this time we must be thankful for what we have, there are so many people who lost everything. Many lost entire homes, cars, jobs, and at worst lives.

Several foundations and organizations have reached out to the public for donations and or volunteer time. Valid organizations including but not limited to: The Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, and The Salvation Army.

The tricky part with “helping” is knowing where your donation is truly going. It was said that people were being tricked, scammed and robbed at home.

The above named foundations / organizations have stated that they were notified of fraudulent activity by scammers. They have notified the public to not agree to anything with “door to door” representatives. The Red Cross especially; would never show up door to door for cash donations.

Also, there were people dressing up as fireman, gas and electric company servicemen, contractors and whatever else you can imagine; entering people’s homes to rob them during these tough times. Although most of the issues have been resolved, there are areas that were so badly affected they STILL have ongoing power and or service issues, and being devastated they barely have a clear mind to handle these unexpected attacks.

Tips on being safe and aware are:

Research online with official websites for drop off sites, volunteer locations, and donation protocol. Or call the official hot line for said company, even 311 can verify them.

Never hand cash, check, or credit card details to someone who knocks on your door. A true organization will always have a valid website and protocol for people who want to help.

You can visit or call your local churches or senator office to ask about local drop offs for food and clothing drives.

If a serviceman from an electric or gas company shows up at your house ask for ID.

Last but not least, use your common sense. 😉

Be safe!

-Jackie Speaks

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