Terrible News Highlights

Posted: January 17, 2013 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in Uncategorized
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  • A 6 year old kid was suspended from school for joking and pointing a “finger gun” at a classmate. imagine a child playing cops and robbers and saying “pow pow i got you” and then getting arrested, that is what society has come to. The innocence of children is now a threat after all the recent gun/violent activity throughout the united states. 
  • A child was murdered in L.I. NY, the sibling was not there and the 911 caller was no where to be found. Suspicious, i think so.
  • A man killed his grandmother (62 years old) with a fake elephant tusk because she was allegedly wielding a voo doo doll threat against him. He then attacked arresting officers leaving them with scratches/bruises. His lawyers are blaming this on a mental illness.
  • 30 mobsters from notorious crime families have been busted in private sanitation trash haul of bodies in NY / NJ.

These certain headlines have me convinced that the media has no good news this morning…other than MTA finally letting us see train schedule on smart phones-whoopty doo. 

I pray for the human race, it is falling of its course!





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