Posted: February 7, 2013 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in Uncategorized


When I would sacrifice the world for someone, and they won’t for me I forgive them because GOD tells me I can’t be angry. I choose to understand any and all circumstances and place myself in their shoes. Sometimes it just doesn’t add up.

If I only have $20 to my name $10 is yours if you need it, or all of it…why, you may need it more than me.

If I have an emergency, I solve it myself unless it’s impossible. At that time I count on my true “emergency contacts”, If they have their own emergencies I am back to square one.

I have learned over the past decade to never rely on others if I can avoid it, and so far I haven’t had to. But once in a very blue moon I have to set my pride aside, and in that moment I know I am human.

Please don’t be there when I am gone, If you couldn’t be here while I was here.

For every excuse, I find kindness to forgive.
However you will never forgive yourself, If I am gone.



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