When I get amped up I blog it out by JDM

Posted: February 7, 2013 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in Uncategorized

When I get amped up in any way, I blog it out.

At a young age I fought a lot, had no control of my emotions or temper.

When I get amped I blog it out.

I lost a lot to gain a lot, loved ones and or business associates and friends.

Due to death or dishonor, everyone has a place in life or beyond. Some I didn’t want to lose and some that needed the boot.

I believe that if you are passionate in what you do, you can only affiliate yourself with those who are as passionate as you are. But not for their personal gain. They should support you whether rich or poor and do so with respect and humility. Build together not against each other.

When I get amped up I blog it out.

Long gone are the days where I get physical, altercations solve nothing.

I get a lot of mail, some love and mostly hate. People are really emotional nowadays.

If I don’t give them the attention they seek, I become the target of their own insecurities.

When I get amped up I blog it out!

I never expect anyone to move with my endeavors, I never pressure them. I was born alone and will die alone. I work hard for myself and if others work with me even better.

When I get amped up i blog it out!

The people in your immediate business circle and or friend circle reflect who you are as an individual in conjunction with what you show people. Don’t let anyone bring you down, or destroy what you worked hard to build.

When I get amped up I blog it out!.

I don’t take hate messages or random accusations lightly. After reading them I usually want to call a cab, show up, and duff the sender out then walk away and BLOG IT OUT.

Instead I take the high road and skip the duff / slap / physical affirmation of keeping my street credibility and respect and I BLOG IT OUT. 

I can’t stand someone who is all talk and no action, it’s like beating someone up that has no limbs..I won’t abuse you if you can’t defend yourself. 


I have enough things happening at this moment in life, some know and some don’t. but those who took the time to care…have and will always be, on my good side. 




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