Posted: March 8, 2013 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in Uncategorized

When I was 17 I was going to teen parties…when I was 21 I was at exclusive industry and or VIP events – that continued to this day, I skipped the whole lindsay lohan thing and kept it classy, I had some moments but they weren’t TMZ worthy, I had some fights…but they deserved to get beat up.. I SWEAR lol.. I had some learning to do with socializing etc over the years why?..because I have been working since 14 years old, never had time to just do “nothing” so I did whatever I did FULL TIME, school, work, industry work, and lost valuable time at points with loved ones…the only regret I have is not spending enough time with some people-some who are no longer here, and some who I had to re connect with…My advice to you, prioritize..work is a key toward success but no one wants to lose their loved ones on the way. “even it out” -jdm


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