October catch up JDM 2013

Posted: October 17, 2013 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in Uncategorized

In January I sustained a life changing injury. I spent the year attending medical appointments and having surgery. I recently lost my day job, and had to put my entire life and work on hold. 


In between the mayhem i managed to still catch up with friends and family be it verbally or in person. I let everyone know that I will beat these obstacles as I do everything and anything that gets in my way. There are others with more problems and life threatening situations, so I consider myself blessed. It can always be worse. 

I wanted to personally thank each and every one of you who showed concern and encouragement throughout 2013. Without those who believe in me, it would have been a million times harder to make it through. 

I am currently making plans to return to school and certain courses perfecting my trade and skills. I am going over business proposals and deciding where to invest my time energy and work ethic. During this time I must dedicate every ounce of my being to my return. I would like to thank all for understanding during this extremely tough time. My health is my priority, the sooner I am recovered the sooner I can begin to work with you all again. 

As you know I am an aspiring and experienced model/actress media personality, artist and business manager.

Those who reach out to me for hire / consultation should read below:

Effective immediately all bookings for JDM and or inquiries must go through email primarily: Jackiedamodel@gmail.com

I am adjusting my schedule to take on: Castings, Paid shoots and film work, Consultation meetings, Art requests and more. 

All bookings are subject to a contract and a deposit ahead of hire, this is part of my work ethic and there is no getting around it.  Only the serious may inquire, I will not respond to anything less. 

My Fields are as follows










-High Fashion


Business Management:



-DJ / Venue 


-Oil Paintings 



-Creative Direction 

Stay blessed and remember email is primary: I will return mail asap. jackiedamodel@gmail.com 

instagram : mivida_jdm 

twitter: jackiedamodel 

facebook: “jackie da model” 



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