Posted: April 15, 2016 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in Uncategorized



I haven’t been blogging here in quite some time. I used to blog religiously. Unfortunately several years ago I suffered a traumatic injury and have been off the grid. to this day I am still rehabilitating certain parts from injury. It doesn’t mean you still won’t catch these hands tho! LOL. Anyway, I want to begin bringing back the content when I can.

Stay Tuned.

Also JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS is now known as MIVIDA JDM , transitions baby!

Tumblr can be found searching jackiedamodel@gmail.com another blog site, however linked to social posts as well. As opposed to being solely written blogs, that one contains short spurts, images, etc.

Instagram is still: MiVida_JDM , IG came into play way after this site and someone took the name “jackiedamodel” on IG, that is not my act, my instagram account is MIVIDA_JDM Twitter is still Jackiedamodel , back up twitter is MividaJDM

Feel free to write me, and whatever content you’re searching for I gotcha!

Throughout my journey in life I will always remain true to the culture, and my love for it and all of you.





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