Don’t be a full blown sell out

Posted: March 16, 2017 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in Uncategorized
Seems that society is either open or close minded at times. Some respect only MAINSTREAM content and businesses (things they are familiar with), while others respect UNDERGROUND, MAINSTREAM, SMALL and LARGE Corporations, etc. There is no in between. That is sad considering that many of the mainstream things we all know and love do not rely on middle or NORMAL class society, they are functioning regardless with the 1% folk, lower and middle class supporters are nobodies to them. a mom and pop shop or a small business is more likely to genuinely put their best foot forward and they are often overlooked. We are all guilty of supporting major corporations or brands at one point in our lives when that was all we knew. However, when you know better you will do better.
I will get things I routinely purchase that are part of life, needs and my preference..but in the same breath I will also try to explore alternatives with small businesses and take my wallet there.
Custom made apparel of good quality is a balance, BRAND versus up and coming BRAND.
Toiletries have to be particular in most areas; but we can explore hand made soaps, scrubs and the like.
Food is clearly non negotiable most of the time, but if you know someone with a food license and they have quality goods why not give them your business?
These are little changes that can make an impact in your life and theirs. I would rather do my best to put money in someone’s pocket that works hard for it and uses it wisely, than a company that disrespectfully pays employees low wages and pays themselves that 1% lifestyle income. I don’t know… it’s just my opinion…I am just one person.
I have supported all my friends businesses at least once, whatever they were. I have watched it make a difference, and watched them re invest into growth. Thats what really matters!. If the world stays strong and puts their skill and service out confidently, maybe we can stand a chance with this economic roller coaster and the new changes. – JDM

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