Jackie Sandiego

Posted: March 16, 2017 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in Uncategorized

I have been very busy, but all for good reason! I typically channel my inner writer with my FB posts and my IG captions while sharing a noteworthy photo or video. Here is what has been up!

I launched a soft launch to my website, spent some time while returning to college sharpening my mind and body to prepare for a long journey.


My website focuses on art and media and I am available with consultation only due to injuries I sustained that basically changed my life and posed physical limitations!


So in a nutshell, that accident messed up my life for quite some time and still is, but I am fighting for normalcy.


I am a mixed media arts major, and I am a self taught artist already so these courses are helping add new techniques to my craft!


My website is http://www.mividajdmllc.com I am a freelancer, I have a zero tolerance for wasting time, so serious inquiries only!!!!! I promise you, every single day.. we are all blessed to be here and it can always be worse.


XOXO – Jackie

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