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While I am up on an opposite sleep schedule I want to take the time to say that I enjoyed working with, learning from, and teaching others in this industry since 2003/2005. So many levels to this. I made sure to invest in myself, my skill-set, and my craftsmanship and artistry my whole life. I only respect others who know the grind, and have shed blood sweat and tears for what they believe in. I don’t congratulate lazy or self proclaimed people, never fuel that mess!. I was injured about four years ago and underwent 3 surgeries and countless procedures. Prior to that, I had other health scares and issues that required surgery or medical care. I have always worked through everything, and gone above and beyond for others as well as my own passions. Never asking for anything in return. I believe in the culture of art, music, entertainment, and film. most importantly I believe in myself. I live every day as productively as possible, so when I have an opportunity I TAKE IT. When I was bed bound for a few years and in doctors 24/7 I had to make a decision. Do I let this conquer my life? Do I let depression and anger over situations I cannot control ruin everything I worked so hard for? NO. I chose to focus on better health, and managing my pain and obligations and begin re-creating my path again. Just because I haven’t been VISUALLY SEEN doesn’t mean that I ever stopped living for my dreams and those I love.
If you have ever had a time where you thought the world was crushing you, and you felt cornered or wanted to give up but didn’t…I want to hear from you. I want to begin having these conversations. I need to speak to the people who need to be uplifted, or can possibly enlighten and uplift others. I want to help you share your testimonial.
This is my testimonial, and this is the bare minimum of everything I went through and am still going through.
I love everyone who loves me, and I support you!. If you have a goal, it is best to make plans to achieve it. Don’t ignore what your heart is screaming for! – Jackie also known as Mivida JDM

Indeed you might ask, how can an entrepreneur need advice from a fellow entrepreneur?

Well I will answer; because not all of the ones out have life and or business experience.

That being said I would like to share a few thoughts that may help others that currently freelance, own a small or large business, or are in plans to do so.

First bit of advice is regarding FOUNDATION!

In order to build yourself in your field you need to have a strong foundation, much like a house. if you’re weak you will need to be strong.

Your team reflects highly of who you are. You must also have a strong team.

Together you will excel and be able to meet your business goals and satisfy the goals in your business relationships.

Second; you need to have GOALS in order to meet them right?

Think about what drives you?, what motivates you? Then think about how you can achieve everything necessary to meet the goals you set. GOOD now that you’ve done so LISTEN UP.


If you want to be a professional be a damn good one. Research your profession or craft, invest in the thing that you need.

Things I advise are but not limited to; formal training in your craft or line of business, tools required such as software programs to utilize or equipment and or instruments if your profession requires them.

For example:

If you’re an actor take classes, obtain experience on set and off set (volunteer, network, and expand your knowledge while doing so) to then pursue paid work. Purchase different wardrobe options so that you may submit for different castings (nurse, doctor, cop, fireman, lawyer, etc) It will land you more options.

Obtain as much EXPERIENCE as you can, you will then be in high demand. In ANY form of business, this is important.

That being said, expanding on that need for experience in all businesses you can establish and maintain internships or apprenticeships where eventually you can then get a job referral based on the “show and prove” method. Show your WORK ETHIC prove you’re worthy.

Once you’ve established your existence in your business community begin to think about your next steps.

How can I create a steady income?

How can I obtain the tools I need for my goals moving forward?

Who can I offer my business to and how do I do so?



Protect yourself.

Protect your content.

What do I mean by “protect yourself and your content” ?

Obtain all individuals needed that will protect you and your business.

Lawyers specific to your business.

Legal ownership and rights to your content, so that all are protected.

and more.


-This is a small portion of my advice to anyone who is an entrepreneur. For more details, to ask me questions, or to seek referrals for anything i mentioned, please feel free to write me a message I will reply.

Thanks for reading!

JDM aka MividaJDM


I would like you guys to take a look at the short film that my team produced for a film makers challenge. We came out in the top five of 14 teams. Now we are up for an audience choice award please watch this video on YouTube and click “like” button on the YouTube video to vote for our team. The amount of likes will determine who wins for audience choice, and every minute counts!

Click here for the link :



So I have been extremely busy all week also a bit under the weather…but the following things struck me as overwhelming:

  • The passing of Latina Artist / Singer Jenni Rivera (Died in a plane crash). -Gone too soon!
  • The shooting in Newton CT. Many innocent children and several adults were killed by a shooter that killed his mother, those people, then himself. -I think this world is totally falling apart mentally and this is a serious problem! Our youth is turning to suicide and homicide instead of to their parents for help!
  • Murder of a man by Central Park NYC (hit man style). – What was the hit for?, Why do people turn to violence?!..this was done in broad daylight (2pm ish) in a busy can we feel safe in our city with people like this?.
  • Random acts of selfish behavior by commuters in NYC.-I witnessed people fleeing a cart from what they thought was a drunk homeless man, and i had the heart to let conductor know the man appeared to be suffering a heart attack and could have had an underlying illness (diabetic or what not) based on what I saw. The problem is, people assume before putting themselves in the position of the person who is hurt or in need. Terrible!

The following is simply entertainment info:

  • Beyonce signed a deal for millions to be the face of Pepsi, literally her face on the can.
  • Wendy Williams called Beyonce dumb for lack of better words stating that she cannot “speak” on an educated level. Now she is gonna hate seeing her face everywhere on those Pepsi cans!
  • Lindsay Lohan took a gift or what may be a loan from Charlie Sheen for 100,000 and didn’t even say thank you!..She is also in middle of possible jail time (what else is new)
  • I found out (and am late on this) Justin Bieber has a fragrance out called boyfriend…WHY. Lol All these artists come out with fragrances but only a third of them smell good. Yet they all sell because of fans, groupies, and marketing gurus- sickening.

There is much more going on…but Im keeping it short tonight! I will be back this week… stay cool people and happy holidays!


Lately the WWE has been engaging in more gossip than actual match entertainment. Former Monday night raw general manager A.J. Lee was allegedly having relations with pro wrestler John Cena, therefore leading to a public scandal.


Monday Night raw managing supervisor Vicki Guerrero “blew up their spot” when she pulled audio, video, and photo of them engaging in intimate relations and showed the WWE viewers. She and A.J. Lee were close to forgetting about professionalism and having a cat fight.


Although it is a scandal and people love drama, it has taken up too much time on the slot booked for wrestling matches, and is now a factor in upcoming matches between wrestlers involved in scandal and Vickie’s favorite employees.

The upcoming pay per view match “tables ladders and chairs” (TLC) will be a highly anticipated match where Ziggler could lose his “money in the bank” if Cena wins. Vince McMahon WWE  Chairman and CEO has already pushed Vickie Guerrero to select the opponents in upcoming matches based on the controversy and gossip. This is no longer based on physical strengths and talent…is WWE taking a turn for the worst for drama purposes?..

Let’s hear your feedback!

-Jackie Speaks


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The whole point is that writing has a pattern and life hasn’t. Life is so untidy. Art is so short and life so long. It is not possible to have perfection in life but it is possible to have perfection in a novel.’- Elizabeth Taylor

R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011


Elizabeth Taylor passed away at 79 years old of congestive heart failure. She is a mega star to me and always will be one of many inspirational women in this industry. Her life was a little bit “out there” but I believe she led an honest and adventurous life and no one should judge her. She married and re-married many a time and had her self in the scrutiny of public eye because of her celebrity relationships. She was known for her beauty as a model and her character as an actress from her childhood to adult years.  She was an author as well writing children’s books and books about her perceptions in life. The style of jewelry she wore from the pear shaped diamond to the extravagant head pieces made a wave in the fashion circuit. Her fragrance line became the favorite for many  women. She was an outspoken female who stood up for what others were too scared to believe in. Instead of throwing negative perceptions of a legend around people should take the time to learn what she went through and who she really was. She was truly an icon in Hollywood. My next photo shoot will be dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor. We are all human, and Elizabeth Taylor was as real as they come.

-Jackie da Model


Here are some photos of Elizabeth Taylor:



Lets get familiar! Here is a list of Elizabeth Taylor’s Awards and Achievements retrieved from online source-wikipedia.

In her sixty two year career Elizabeth Taylor received some of the film industry’s top awards and honors.


  • Golden Globe Award, Special Award for “consistent performance”


  • Golden Laurel Award, Female Dramatic Performance: Raintree County (1957)
  • Academy Award Nomination, Best Actress: Raintree County (1957)



  • Academy Award Nomination, Best Actress: Suddenly Last Summer (1959)
  • Golden Globe Award, Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama): Suddenly, Last Summer (1959)
  • Golden Laurel Award, Female Dramatic Performance: Suddenly Last Summer (1959)


  • Academy Award, Best Actress: Butterfield 8 (1960)
  • Golden Globe Award Nomination, Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama): Butterfield 8 (1960)


  • Golden Laurel Award, Female Star


  • New York City Film Critics Circle Award, Best Actress: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)
  • Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award, Best Actress: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)
  • National Board of Review, Best Actress: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) (USA)
  • Golden Globe Award Nomination, Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama): Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)


  • Academy Award, Best Actress: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)
  • BAFTA Award, Best British Actress: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?(1966) (UK)
  • Golden Laurel Award, Female Dramatic Performance: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)
  • David di Donatello Award, Best Foreign Actress for: The Taming of the Shrew (1967)


  • BAFTA Award Nomination, Best British Actress: The Taming of the Shrew(1967) (UK)
  • Bambi Awards, Bambi


  • David Di Donatello Award, Best Foreign Actress: Zee and Co. (Italy)


  • Golden Globe Award, Henrietta Award World Film Favorite – Female


  • Hasty Pudding’s Woman of the Year Award, Harvard University


  • Golden Globe Award, Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • Golden Apple Award, Female Star of the Year
  • Woman In Film Crystal Award


  • The Legion d’Honneur (France)


  • Academy Award, Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award


  • American Film Institute, Lifetime Achievement Award


  • Screen Actors Guild, Lifetime Achievement Award




  • President’s Citizens Medal (USA)
  • Maverick Award, Taos Talking Picture Festival (USA)


  • Kennedy Center Honoree, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


  • BAFTA Award, Britannia Award for Artistic Excellence in International Entertainment (UK)


A NOTE VIA AP: A private family funeral will be held for Ms. Taylor later this week. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that contributions be made to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. People wanting to send personal messages can log onto



I recently posted regarding Charlie Sheen being rushed to a hospital after a night of partying with a few porn stars and some cocaine! Heres the update:

Charlie Sheen is being sent to an undisclosed rehabilitation center. The sitcom Two and a Half Men will be put on a production standstill. The coke in the briefcase was definitely shared between himself and the porn stars ranging from 19 to about 23 years old.

Charlie sent a message to a gossip columnist saying “People don’t seem to get it…guy cant have a great time and do his job also?”

Charlie’s family fears that he’s going to end up killing himself.


The drama continues …sheeesshhhh ….


JDM -@Jackiespeaks247

Charlie Sheen Rushed to Hospital


Actor Charlie Sheen 45 was rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pain after a night with a couple of porn stars and alleged drug use at his Beverly Hills home.  Many of you don’t know this but Charlie Sheen is actually Carlos Estevez he is a Latino in the hollywood world who like many changed their name. Charlie is very unpredictable and it sometimes gets in the way of his work. At first I read an article with a headline “SHEEN IS RUSHED TO HOSP” like wow did these girls give him a heart attack or what?.. then they mentioned a briefcase full of cocaine. Heehhhhh???? We all have heard that Charlie Sheen has abused alcohol and drugs and also had marital issues but this story is pushing the thin line between The Charlie we know on “Two and a Half Men” sitcom who is always drinking and chasing women…and the Charlie Sheen off screen who does things on his own time. Nobody knows if that Coke was his or theirs.. and it could have been both or one/other.  He is going through a lot, and I guess he is at the point in his life where he knows just how far he can go. To confirm the abdominal pain was stemming from a hiatal hernia!.

Did any of these girls including Porn Star Kacey Jordan 22 over dramatize the story or overwhelm him with drugs (knowing hed get sick or in trouble) just for 15 minutes of fame because they know that the media is on him like white on rice?

Does Charlie even care anymore about his image and how many times they threatened to end the sitcom he stars in “Two and a Half Men”?

Is this all an attack on how he is dealing with his personal stress of past 3 divorces (1st wife Donna Peele, 2nd Wife Denise Richards, 3rd Wife Brooke Mueller) and other issues and or how he’s celebrating Single Life with Sex, Porn Stars, Escorts, and drugs till its his time to go??

The world may never know!

-Jackie da Model @Jackiespeaks247