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Sandra Bullock as we all know is a famous actress best known for being a strong and assertive female on film as well as in real life. She starred in major films such as “Crash”, “The Blind Side”, “28 Days”, “Infamous”, “The divine secrets of Ya-Ya sisterhood”, “The Net” and more.

At this time she is struggling to get thru a bumpy road in her marriage with Jesse James. Jesse has cheated on Sandra and things took a turn for the worst. He is now signed into Sex Rehab and pleading for her forgiveness. She may or may not accept him as a changed man, for now she put the brakes on the divorce to stick it out. To my knowledge this man was once a porn star?..well if he loves sex it is a condition.. he’s a I am not surprised to hear that he and Tiger may be best friends soon. Somehow he managed to fall in love and get married so you have to give him that much, he lasted this long without turmoil.

I believe she is an intelligent woman, anyone going thru problems in a serious relationship or marriage has the right to forgive the significant other because they are truly the only one that knows that person well enough to pass judgement. The media and the public are blatantly tossing opinions around.  If you think about it a lot of regular people go thru this just doesn’t sound as dramatic when i hear “Girl my man cheated on me, I’m leaving him” or ” I forgave him” because no one really cares who the average Joe is..but when you mess with hollywood starlett Sandra Bullock.. the world has her back. All I can say is people make mistakes, they either change for the better or the worst..but they do not remain the same. Jesse will suffer emotionally for the loss of  the woman in his life..and his family will remind him constantly how he effed up. It is a guilt to carry forever unless he simply doesn’t have any remorse for what he did. If they remain together he will then have the option of being the best husband ever and not ruining it. You never know!..Some people just need to be slapped into reality.

-Jackie da Model