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I would like you guys to take a look at the short film that my team produced for a film makers challenge. We came out in the top five of 14 teams. Now we are up for an audience choice award please watch this video on YouTube and click “like” button on the YouTube video to vote for our team. The amount of likes will determine who wins for audience choice, and every minute counts!

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“I know where I came from, where I have been, and I know where I would like to go. Sometimes it involves learning from the past and not turning back. I am not perfect, and never have been. But I am determined, passionate about my goals, and absolutely confident of my talents.” -JDM

One day in the future i will share with the world stories of my upbringing, struggles, and successes, as well as failures.

Mommy’s little girl who hated being forced to be “cute” or “prissy”, turned tomboy for awhile after child hood modeling classes and being forced to wear big fluffy dresses until 4th grade. One day I rebelled and wore a pair of pants! I loved sports (still do), got into fights, ran the streets, hung out with the wrong crowd, got into trouble over and over. Then found myself again, and separated my feelings about what I thought mattered and what actually did.

When my mother passed away I was approached for modeling, pulling together all my confidence which wasn’t very much at the time, and I pursued it. In a short time I mastered the art of communication and business within the field. I worked with quite a few people who were also up and coming as I moved about over the years. I was told my personality above everything was my best asset, not my face, not my body, my personality and my heart.

It took every fiber of my being to not turn back to my temper when things didn’t go my way, or when I went through hardships or disrespect from few negative experiences.

I have been lied to, scammed, taken advantage of, and worst of all disrespected all within the length of “learning” how to deal with certain people while managing myself.

Because of this I vowed to always be true to myself and to help those who want to get into this field. Don’t get me wrong, with all the bad came some good, and that is why I kept pushing for my goals.

I am not “famous” but I am known and respected. I would like to dedicate this blog and more to come to my supporters. If anyone wants advice, or would like to share advice do visit my blog and connect.

Stay tuned for a few “tips of the trade” blogs i will post in an effort to educate women and men that are aspiring in their trade.

All the best,




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I have been extremely busy busting my behind at work to get this promotion therefore I havent been as active in every aspect of my network.. BAD JACKIE!!!!

I want you all to know I am currently upgrading my website and making some changes, my radio show is on wed & thurs at 8pm, more videos will be up quite soon and the best way to reach me is via email for contact, talent submissions, etc.. no spam!

xoxo !!


Did you know that The Jackie Speaks Radio Show originated in August 2010 at Urban Latino Radio one day a week and it is now on TWO DAYS a week thanks to our listeners locally, across the U.S., and Internationally? We  are quickly expanding and hope to have more air time soon, every week our ratings get higher and our listeners continue to demonstrate their appreciation and participate in our topics and social blurbs. Our guests continue to bring forth exclusive content Artist, DJ, and Business wise and it keeps getting BETTER!

Jackie Speaks aka Jackie da Model began what we can call an “internship” that turned in her favor at ULR in the summer of 2009 with a live mix show called The PreGame Show with DJ Abrupt, host- Mr. Light, and co host/artist Big Sence. After about 4 months she was offered a permanent co-host position with “La Esquina Radio Show” Hosted by Tony Delavora, music by DJ Super Star Boogie as well as the opportunity to blog for urban latino radio’s web site. Jackie continued to sharpen her media skills and strengthen her hosting game as time went on. In summer of 2010 La Esquina Radio Show’s host left on an endeavor outside of ULR. At this time Jackie Speaks (JDM) was offered a show of her own and a chance to grow even more as a Host/Personality/Blogger at the station. Jackie partnered up with the DJ from La Esquina Radio Show forming  dynamic duo “Jackie Speaks and DJ Super Star Boogie” on the “Jackie Speaks Radio Show”. This year many commitments and projects have stirred up a busy schedule for all at ULR. The Jackie Speaks Show has brought on a new male co-host GUESS WHO! Yes, an old colleague Mr. Light to join the show on a hosting and event level. The show anticipates a wider audience now that we will add a sports twist and some more “manly thoughts” as well as “Jackie who speaks 247!” which we are all familiar with (The unfiltered thoughts of a Geek turned model). We are bringing back the controversial GUY vs GIRL conversations that were HOT on the pre-game show and of course everyone is welcome to join the conversation when we are live!.

Jackie to this day has gotten the chance to interview many up and coming as well as established walks of talent thanks to all who helped her in the journey of radio. She will continue to climb the ladder of success as a Host and Model, never forgetting where she came from and where she is about to go!.

FYI Yes i just summed up my radio life writing in third party, oh you are welcome! 😉 Someone has to do it!

-Jackie da model aka Jackie Speaks 10/20/2011 on her Radio Life ❤



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Life is extremely shorter than we all think. Here is a little background so you guys can get to know JDM behind the scenes.

I come from a family that struggled to survive and parents who did anything to keep their children alive and well, fed and educated and above all support the most important part of family which is love and communication. They raised me to never back down from what I believe in or allow anyone to disrespect me in any way-personally, business wise, etc.

I lost both my parents at a young age, and continued life with every moment setting up goals and reaching them. Constantly learning something new and sharing my skills and experience with those who also wanted to learn.

I am versed in almost every aspect of industry and versed in the corporate world.

There will be times where people want to get the best of me and some of you. They will pull all of their own insecurities and turn it into a boiling hatred and attack you just because they can’t learn how to respect themselves they won’t respect others.

I let myself stoop to a low-level by paying these negative characters mind, but at the moment it was a heated fight to defend what I stand for and how they had used me to get to everyone I worked hard to build a professional business relationship with. I don’t condone gossip, or instigation I am very confrontational and direct. So I truly feel if I can call someone directly or offer to see them face to face and am not returned with the same respect, that person is not worth my time. Life is too short for childish games. A true professional would never play sides to try to get what they want and jump ship on each person frequently. Good things come to those who work hard for them and believe in themselves above anyone else.

I apologize to my fan base, family, and friends for anything they had to read but I speak directly from my heart and sometimes I may speak directly from my emotions. I was angered that someone had the audacity to reach me on a disrespectful level and then hide from all forms of communication after opening a door they couldn’t cross the threshold to. I am noticing more and more how the industry is full of different types of people, the only ones I care for are the ones who want to make it & the ones who are already there not the “talkers”.

In a short amount of time I have taken on different levels of work in the industry and done a lot more than half the people who claim titles, I AM NOT FAMOUS IN ANY WAY BUT I AM KNOWN AND RESPECTED, and with that I let my fan base decide what they want..having a local, usa, and international fan base is exciting and a great opportunity I truly appreciate every single person that supports my endeavors. I dismiss those who have unnecessary hatred toward me, hate is jealousy in disguise. Ignorance is bliss, and the ignorant will never win. Life is too short to waste your time being angry that you’re a failure, change yourself because if you are not happy now you never will be. I give people the tools they need, If they don’t use them that is purely their own lack of effort. Excuses are for slackers.

-Jackie da Model





Why Hello There! ❤ Please read and stay posted on the whereabouts of miss JDM. I have been somewhat M.I.A. not by choice…

I miss my media can be challenging between having 2 surgeries this year…

My heart torn to pieces by an undeserving bastard…

Running into old friends or fam but wondering what happened where we lost touch. and being in and out of work because of the surgeries, then forcing me to make life changes. I take the GOOD with the BAD I love my life no matter what! So if im “cold” just see it as me being jackie on “ice” sometimes we have to work with a straight face to get the world to take us seriously and not for granted.

My sanity returns every time I go LIVE on my radio show. My listeners appreciate me and understand what my goal is, and without the listeners there would be no show. i just want to say Thank You everyone.. your love and continuous support keeps the show and my passion going for RADIO xoxoxo to all of you. The show airs every week on Wed & Thurs on 8pm est.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone in my family and my close circle of friends for being by my side through my surgeries and my life in general it is not easy being ME i love you guys.

I want you to take a minute to write on my facebook wall and share the facebook like page link with your friends, help spread the word it would mean a lot to me. The “Jackie Speaks Radio Show” and the “Jackie da Model” pages are a success let’s go 🙂

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Talk to you all soon!