While I am up on an opposite sleep schedule I want to take the time to say that I enjoyed working with, learning from, and teaching others in this industry since 2003/2005. So many levels to this. I made sure to invest in myself, my skill-set, and my craftsmanship and artistry my whole life. I only respect others who know the grind, and have shed blood sweat and tears for what they believe in. I don’t congratulate lazy or self proclaimed people, never fuel that mess!. I was injured about four years ago and underwent 3 surgeries and countless procedures. Prior to that, I had other health scares and issues that required surgery or medical care. I have always worked through everything, and gone above and beyond for others as well as my own passions. Never asking for anything in return. I believe in the culture of art, music, entertainment, and film. most importantly I believe in myself. I live every day as productively as possible, so when I have an opportunity I TAKE IT. When I was bed bound for a few years and in doctors 24/7 I had to make a decision. Do I let this conquer my life? Do I let depression and anger over situations I cannot control ruin everything I worked so hard for? NO. I chose to focus on better health, and managing my pain and obligations and begin re-creating my path again. Just because I haven’t been VISUALLY SEEN doesn’t mean that I ever stopped living for my dreams and those I love.
If you have ever had a time where you thought the world was crushing you, and you felt cornered or wanted to give up but didn’t…I want to hear from you. I want to begin having these conversations. I need to speak to the people who need to be uplifted, or can possibly enlighten and uplift others. I want to help you share your testimonial.
This is my testimonial, and this is the bare minimum of everything I went through and am still going through.
I love everyone who loves me, and I support you!. If you have a goal, it is best to make plans to achieve it. Don’t ignore what your heart is screaming for! – Jackie also known as Mivida JDM



So I haven’t done this in a while but I must because way too many funny things go down on a daily basis for me! I do a thing called Sunrise to Sunset Blog Diary..and usually I do AM to PM happenings but lets catch up on a few events back to back over time since it’s been a minute!


Let’s see, as I was watching some video footage of a recent event (in which I will not name to protect the people involved) a female whom attended was caught on film doing a dirty dance. Literally. My photographer said to me “She had this weird wet patch by her snatch” in some photos so he erased them as to not embarass her.. however..she still made it thru the video LORD HELP HER!.. Her new name is “snatch patch”. Toward the end of video (so help her if I get into one of my moods) I plan to take that one part and censor out her face and just show the dance. She is grinding with everyone…then mid dry hump she dances alone and suddenly without warning and to the beat.. she turns around bends over and starts tapping her backside ..”im havin a good time niggas tryina ruin it…” (drake playing…) and then the video ends.. WHAT A SCENE! oh well if we post it.. she deserves it because she was out of control all night.. I witnessed the ultimate club fail!!



In other news, 2010 has been a violation of my surroundings. Why?.. because over the summer I was followed home off the train and then grabbed/smacked on the butt simultaneously (I learned that is called “sandbagging”) and I flipped on the guy who happened to be a Mexican man that ended up running for his life when I threw something at him, then chased him.. whatever I’m grown.. I thought hmmm let me kick his ass instead of calling 911 because this isn’t a real emergency and by the time they arrive I’ll be getting arrested for kicking his ass either way!… My friends and family didn’t seem to agree with me so the next day I called my local precinct to file a harrassment complaint (hours after chasing this guy and inquiring at local businesses if they had seen him run by, also warning them of his impending doom when I catch him). The precinct said “Maam you have to call 911” needless to say I told them where to go!!!!! Ive decided I want a taser for my birthday in 2011!..


Later on in the year as a matter of fact last week, I was touched by someone in an elevator! Not just any some..this someone was clearly not the type that I could punch in the face in self defense. Here’s the long and short of it: A blind man and his seeing eye dog get into the elevator at my job, he walks in with his arm extended and his hand in a palm forward cupping motion and runs right into my left breast (palmed it) then backed off. Then he had the nerve to ask me to push the button for third floor! Me and one other person saw this whole thing transpire (or so I thought). I tried to remain as quiet as possible so he wouldnt “accidentally” touch anything else and when I was leaving he said Thank You -I assume after i hit the button for him and I mumbled an Ummm hmmm JERK!.. Later that day the security guard at my job bursts out laughing because the building has video and audio feedback in the elevators. ENOUGH SAID!! To this very moment I wonder .. was the guy actually Blind or partially visually impaired because that happened way too perfectly, it’s probably his some kind of Blind guy pick up line.. “Hey baby are those 34 double brailles or what” I imagine him saying that .. anyway….


Being surrounded by crazy people is one thing.. but have you ever seen a pigeons version of bum fights?. This morning there was a mob of pigeons on the platform attacking each other and then nearly attacking the people on the platform! At one moment people started running in the other direction as the fattest pigeon was swooping so close someone could have lost an eye!!…Here we are worried about them crapping on us from above…smh.

Fair Hikes and Worse service <–I won’t elaborate just ask any New Yorker and you will endure a barrage of complaints for at least an hour.

Parents who don’t control their kids are one thing but a whole cart of them? SERIOUSLY!!!!???? I sat in between 3 parents and about 9 kids as the kids kicked, screamed, sang, play-fought, stood on seats, and mimicked each other.. at one point I said WHO WANTS TO PLAY WHO CAN BE QUIET THE LONGEST (fortunately they got off before me because I couldn’t take an hour of all that crazy stuff) plus one of them challenged me to a sing off and it was way too early!


Usually when I hear someone say “Yo MA!, Let me holla at you” it’s to a female..I was in Union Square NY area and a gay man shouts to another gay man dressed like a woman who still looked like a man…YEAH EXACTLY..”Yo MA”…I have nothing against anyone’s preference but how dare you be so confused and have the nerve to get angry at the one possible person who would speak to you on a flirting basis even if it was crude LOL.. the gay guy acknowledged the guy/girl and said “MA” its not like he screamed “YO IT, OR YO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU” and in turn the she/he he/she said “FUCK YOU, I’M A GUY BABY…ALL MAN”..I almost wanted to say something like “then why do u have lipstick and skinny jeans with a tied up shirt on? defense of the other guy who stood shut.. then realized I don’t feel like fighting a man today =) PERPLEXING!

Anyway I’m out for now I’m Blogging, and updating sites..feel free to check out it’s under construction

twitter = @jackiespeaks247


Monday June 21, 2010

7:00am Bright and Early ready to take on the world…feeling like nothing can stop me then POW. My phobia!!! A ginormous Centipede is in my Bathroom and im in a rush to get ready for work..of all places it chose the shower, this cant be!..After screaming at it (Yelling “you S.O.B…im gonna be late..” Etc and blaming it for my soon to be conversation with my boss about why im late) I spend 10 minutes trying to kill it then finally after exhausting tactics (spraying it with febreze because thats all i had by me, or trying to drown it with shower tap water) It dies and now i have the wonderful task of removing it ..NICE now theres 20 minutes to take a shower // iron clothes // do makeup and leave.. as you guessed..yes i got to work later than i anticipated.

9:00am …hmmmm is this Iced Coffee? It tastes like Iced Milk!

10:30am “Yes ..that’s what i said Maam…Yes I am calling from a doctors office…NO this is not the patient…What?.. My Name?..sure!..J as in joy A as in Apple..C as in CANT YOU HEAR CORRECTLY…No ..No im not in a bad mood why do u ask?…Why thank you i know i have a nice voice…OK OK Maam..can you answer my questions about the benefits please!…”…..(Ahhhh the joys of customer service calls)

11:45am “Hey girl why are you crying, is everything ok” (Me to my coworker) ..”Yea im going to the doctor im in pain and im already 33 weeks” (her reply) “Oh well..if you want i can walk you there” (BIG RUDE INTERRUPTION VIA THE OFFICE B*TCH THAT HATES ME) “Jackie i got this!! right here…*nag nag nag*..” .(Is she crazy?).. “I WAS JUST ASKING!!!…….”(i say ..Mind you i wasnt talking to her, i was talking to my friend..smh some people are just bitter!.. I wasnt testing her managerial skills i saw her “right there” i was asking my friend how she’s doing because shes crying .. theres always one seed in every popcorn bag that thinks they are the kernel of all kernels..


Laundry Time!…but first let me enjoy some cool air NOT! I put on the AC and in less than 15 minutes the power got knocked out..using my cell as a flashlight i made my way out the door and told landlord to go “flip the switch” this is an old house..My first apartment ever since i was on my own..but maybe its time to make decisions and or calls to the dept of buildings AAHHH

*Laundrymat Fun* Theres always the one person that has to be a jerk. Me, My friend and this one lady are the only ones at the spot..and you figure they have about 20 of each machine washer/dryer…I go to put my clothes into a dryer and a woman from ten machines down decides she claimed that dryer..(it must be her lucky dryer?) she says “Scuuuseeee me!!!” Im like “YES”? she points at i put on my “WTF Face” and say “Ummm what are you trying to tell me?.. you want this dryer?” she nods frantically with a hand on her hip and attitude..i say “Well theres nothing in it thats all you had to say!” i dont understand all this cryptic laundry sign language .. WEIRD PEOPLE .. if it wasnt for the guy that always conveniently loses some of my socks and or unmentionables id leave the clothes to be done and pick them up!

I Spent remainder of evening watching old funny movies and reciting every word from Night at The Roxbury “No0o00o0oo0o…YEESSSSS”! and of course melting in the heat like an ice cube at the beach…”Dear Landlord…get an electrician or i am going to get one and deduct it from my rent” love Jackie the wicked witch of the south (i live downstairs from him)…