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Hip Hop Retreat Week was about bringing people that are aspiring as well as established together for the culture. Many media personalities, artists, producers, dj’s, hosts, industry professionals, and curators came together for the first annual hip hop retreat week in Brooklyn which lasted 5 days but had events before during and after for those who are like minded. I had the pleasure of being a panelist as well as a moderator during HHRW 2016, and i look forward to next year and all to come!


This is part one of the podcast panel, where we spoke about going beyond radio/podcasts, and about the latest tastemakers.


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America “You gon suck it or not”?

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In the wake of NFL star Colin Kaepernick’s decision to remain seated during “The Star Spangled Banner” to protest racial injustice, there is renewed interest in the United States’ national anthem. Now, a hip-hop fan named Dero Anthony has come up with his or her own way of changing the conversation around our country’s official song. Anthony has started a petition to drop the two-century-old Francis Scott Key number and replace it with the Diplomats’ classic “Dipset Anthem.”

“The current National Anthem is BS,” reads Anthony’s plea. And…that’s it. No further explanation is given, nor is it required. 

The petition has 974 signatures as of this writing, out of its stated goal of 10,000,000. <— This via Associated Press and COMPLEX mag 

All this can lead us to wonder is, will America be chanting “You gon suck it or not”? .. If you have heard the Dipset Anthem it is pretty vulgar and comical. Would you want this to be America’s National Anthem? All jokes aside.-Jdm



DYNASTY also known as the Prince of dancehall is a very talented artist originally from brooklyn, now residing in New Jersey. He is internationally known and still extremely humble. With the charm and appearance of a suave latino, he brings a Caribbean feel to the stage when he performs dancehall music. Our very own DYNASTY makes NY/NJ proud. We know him for having an amazing voice and a charismatic personality. It has been 3 years since our last interview chopping it up so I reached out to him for an update. Get to know the man behind the work. Check out the “Where are they now” write up by JDM featuring Dynasty below!

The Q&A to bring the fan base the 411! (Q =JDM A=DYNASTY) 

Q: What is your current project?

A: “My current project is my second mixtape ‘it’s about time Volume 2’. I’m also working on a new album for 2014.”

Q: What are your goals at this time?

A: “My current goal is to become the first and the biggest latin dancehall artist from New York to make it big”

Q: Who is your favorite artist or talented person at this time?

A: “Konshens, he is a reggae artist” 

Q: What is your favorite winter fashion?

A: “Timbs and hoodies like the 90s”

Q: What was your best moment in 2013?

A: “My best moment in 2013 was being with my grandmother for my birthday”

Q: Where can everyone hear your music and or download it?

A: ” ”

Q: The ladies want to know what the prince of dancehall’s current relationship status is!

A: “Single” 

There you have it! A little update on our friend DYNASTY!

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As the year quickly comes to a close. I have been wrapping up some of my goals and priorities to end the year right. I recently got to chop it up with some friends and artists from past interviews. Have you been wondering what’s new with certain artists but unsure? Don’t worry, I got you!

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So I have been extremely busy all week also a bit under the weather…but the following things struck me as overwhelming:

  • The passing of Latina Artist / Singer Jenni Rivera (Died in a plane crash). -Gone too soon!
  • The shooting in Newton CT. Many innocent children and several adults were killed by a shooter that killed his mother, those people, then himself. -I think this world is totally falling apart mentally and this is a serious problem! Our youth is turning to suicide and homicide instead of to their parents for help!
  • Murder of a man by Central Park NYC (hit man style). – What was the hit for?, Why do people turn to violence?!..this was done in broad daylight (2pm ish) in a busy can we feel safe in our city with people like this?.
  • Random acts of selfish behavior by commuters in NYC.-I witnessed people fleeing a cart from what they thought was a drunk homeless man, and i had the heart to let conductor know the man appeared to be suffering a heart attack and could have had an underlying illness (diabetic or what not) based on what I saw. The problem is, people assume before putting themselves in the position of the person who is hurt or in need. Terrible!

The following is simply entertainment info:

  • Beyonce signed a deal for millions to be the face of Pepsi, literally her face on the can.
  • Wendy Williams called Beyonce dumb for lack of better words stating that she cannot “speak” on an educated level. Now she is gonna hate seeing her face everywhere on those Pepsi cans!
  • Lindsay Lohan took a gift or what may be a loan from Charlie Sheen for 100,000 and didn’t even say thank you!..She is also in middle of possible jail time (what else is new)
  • I found out (and am late on this) Justin Bieber has a fragrance out called boyfriend…WHY. Lol All these artists come out with fragrances but only a third of them smell good. Yet they all sell because of fans, groupies, and marketing gurus- sickening.

There is much more going on…but Im keeping it short tonight! I will be back this week… stay cool people and happy holidays!


Sandy Scams

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Hurricane Sandy was a devastating natural disaster that hit us where it hurts. At this time we must be thankful for what we have, there are so many people who lost everything. Many lost entire homes, cars, jobs, and at worst lives.

Several foundations and organizations have reached out to the public for donations and or volunteer time. Valid organizations including but not limited to: The Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, and The Salvation Army.

The tricky part with “helping” is knowing where your donation is truly going. It was said that people were being tricked, scammed and robbed at home.

The above named foundations / organizations have stated that they were notified of fraudulent activity by scammers. They have notified the public to not agree to anything with “door to door” representatives. The Red Cross especially; would never show up door to door for cash donations.

Also, there were people dressing up as fireman, gas and electric company servicemen, contractors and whatever else you can imagine; entering people’s homes to rob them during these tough times. Although most of the issues have been resolved, there are areas that were so badly affected they STILL have ongoing power and or service issues, and being devastated they barely have a clear mind to handle these unexpected attacks.

Tips on being safe and aware are:

Research online with official websites for drop off sites, volunteer locations, and donation protocol. Or call the official hot line for said company, even 311 can verify them.

Never hand cash, check, or credit card details to someone who knocks on your door. A true organization will always have a valid website and protocol for people who want to help.

You can visit or call your local churches or senator office to ask about local drop offs for food and clothing drives.

If a serviceman from an electric or gas company shows up at your house ask for ID.

Last but not least, use your common sense. 😉

Be safe!

-Jackie Speaks