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R.I.P. Adan Gonzalez September 25, 1981 -February 6, 2010. Anyone that has ever met this man whether it was 5 minutes or 5 years knows he never changed on you. He was humble, positive, outgoing, funny, and a great person overall. He went thru struggles just like the rest of us, and each time he took an optimistic approach. I have known him for 8 years and change, he taught me alot and i will truely miss him. He was working full time to take care of his mother and had no children, nor was he married. He was 28 years old. He is one of my good friends that was there for me in all the most important days of my life from my birthday to my mothers funeral. A mentor, a brother, and an amazing individual. I can barely write at this time.. this post is to inform you of Adans Murder and i ask that you read carefully and repost , you never know who knows him.
Adan Gonzalez 28 years old was a close personal friend of mine more like family. He was killed in spanish harlem february 6th early morning and his candles are lit In prayer on second avenue / 115st in his memory, there is no motivation for someone to hurt this man he is extremely humble and did not deserve this. An investigation is underway and I hope the person is caught and prosecuted soon. Adan enjoyed life to the fullest, till his very last breath. im sure he danced, sang, and laughed that night…the terrible thing is that he had to suffer. it tears my heart in to a billion pieces. For respect to his family and him I have removed various details from this blog, in short his life was taken from him and we all pray that the case is resolved so that he may rest in peace.

Anyone who saw or heard anything that night please come forward if you get more information. There is a detective on the case you may call Det Henriquez at the 25 Squad               212-860-6536         212-860-6536

also please fill out this form to the Police Commissioner let him know that the we need an arrest and conviction on Adans murder !

the fundraiser event is as follows:!/event.php?eid=294433738671&ref=nf

Location:Orbit 116th and 1st Ave
Time:7:00PM Thursday, February 11th
all proceeds will be given to gonzalez family

Adan Gonzalez’s Wake/Funeral Information : 103rd St between Lexington & Park aves. Ortiz Funeral Home Wednesday Thursday is the velorio, 4-9, 3-9 Mass is @ 9am Friday He gets buried afterwards…(Via tanisha)

the facebook post link for info post feel free to add comments there :!/notes/jackie-damodel/adan-gonzalez-murdered-in-spanish-harlem-february-6-2010/297302551441

I will add to this post soon, when i am composed and able to vent. for now this is the 411.


Met him at Doshi Diagnostic (old job) he was an asst manager i was a supervisor, together we made the work day pass with jokes and positive work ethic. We became good friends, often hung out outside the office. We became like family at each others bdays, houses, events…funerals etc. Ive met a lot of great people thru him that are now mutual friends, any friend of his was a friend of mine and vice versa. He trained me to handle the medical field and to this day whenever it gets tough i remember him saying “tranquilla nena, everything will be ok”. Last few years we didnt see each other as much due to life changes and responsibilities.. he introduced me to a place called orbitz on my bday last year.. he begged me to go there and have dinner and some drinks bc he didnt want me to go home on my bday after work and do nothing… i had a great time we danced, laughed and we always reminisce of old stories and new..bochinche lol. He made sure that i left with a smile. In the summer when i returned from vacation.. i hung out with him for the puerto rican festival.. we went to a friends bbq and had a ball.. i introduced him to more of my friends.. him as well. opened more connections among positive people. His aura is amazing.. i could be on the brink of insanity and he would just say “bupkis talk to me” -bupkis is what we called each other at work like “ur opinion aint bupkis lol” it stuck .. and i would vent and feel better. or “rrraaddaaammm” like a cat .. because when i was whining “leave me alone like a kid he said i sounded like a cat.. rraaddaaammm leave me alone” lol.. i miss him
I recently underwent a diagnostic surgery and an operative procedure his last aim message to me was “santa santa culita de rana” and “to feel better”

*his last FB post said ” “Style” is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.”-adan gonzalez

if i fell off the face of the earth for months he would still find a way to just say hello to check on me, and i always loved that..we all go thru times where we dont want to be bothered.. but if we shut out the world.. people may never know when u really need them. If i dissapeared suddenly would anyone notice? these are the things going thru my head now. Why would someone take the life of an innocent man, and then leave him to die ..and on top of that rob him?.. this world is unjust. at this time.. ms speaks247 is actually speechless and trying to cope. I will be visiting the site of his “location of death” to pray and speak with other loved ones. i will also attend and create fundraisers periodically, his mother is a good woman i met her, she deserves all the love and support we give to adam to be given to her as well as respect. If you know Adan I urge you to re-post this message from me, i would appreciate it.