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Did you know that The Jackie Speaks Radio Show originated in August 2010 at Urban Latino Radio one day a week and it is now on TWO DAYS a week thanks to our listeners locally, across the U.S., and Internationally? We  are quickly expanding and hope to have more air time soon, every week our ratings get higher and our listeners continue to demonstrate their appreciation and participate in our topics and social blurbs. Our guests continue to bring forth exclusive content Artist, DJ, and Business wise and it keeps getting BETTER!

Jackie Speaks aka Jackie da Model began what we can call an “internship” that turned in her favor at ULR in the summer of 2009 with a live mix show called The PreGame Show with DJ Abrupt, host- Mr. Light, and co host/artist Big Sence. After about 4 months she was offered a permanent co-host position with “La Esquina Radio Show” Hosted by Tony Delavora, music by DJ Super Star Boogie as well as the opportunity to blog for urban latino radio’s web site. Jackie continued to sharpen her media skills and strengthen her hosting game as time went on. In summer of 2010 La Esquina Radio Show’s host left on an endeavor outside of ULR. At this time Jackie Speaks (JDM) was offered a show of her own and a chance to grow even more as a Host/Personality/Blogger at the station. Jackie partnered up with the DJ from La Esquina Radio Show forming  dynamic duo “Jackie Speaks and DJ Super Star Boogie” on the “Jackie Speaks Radio Show”. This year many commitments and projects have stirred up a busy schedule for all at ULR. The Jackie Speaks Show has brought on a new male co-host GUESS WHO! Yes, an old colleague Mr. Light to join the show on a hosting and event level. The show anticipates a wider audience now that we will add a sports twist and some more “manly thoughts” as well as “Jackie who speaks 247!” which we are all familiar with (The unfiltered thoughts of a Geek turned model). We are bringing back the controversial GUY vs GIRL conversations that were HOT on the pre-game show and of course everyone is welcome to join the conversation when we are live!.

Jackie to this day has gotten the chance to interview many up and coming as well as established walks of talent thanks to all who helped her in the journey of radio. She will continue to climb the ladder of success as a Host and Model, never forgetting where she came from and where she is about to go!.

FYI Yes i just summed up my radio life writing in third party, oh you are welcome! 😉 Someone has to do it!

-Jackie da model aka Jackie Speaks 10/20/2011 on her Radio Life ❤



“I go by the name of DJ Super Star Boogie I rep that 2m2h DJs, I’m an up and coming DJ From Brooklyn With A Dream Of Being Famous and I’m almost there” -DJ Super Star Boogie.

DJ Super Star Boogie aka the young phenom aka A DIOS MIO! who hails from Bushwick Brooklyn has been DJing since 14 years old. He started off with a team named “stop the madness” and then became part of DJ Crew “2m2h” DJs at 20 years old. He currently DJs NYC venues as well as private events delivering a unique mix that always gets the crowd hype.  His knowledge of music history and blends of old and new-school music are endless, and impressive.

He had an internet radio show called Boogie Nights for quite some time before joining “La Esquina” Radio show with Tony Delavora formerly of Urban Latino Radio via friend Rich of Corriente Latina. After working with Tony for some time he built more of his buzz with new listeners which in turn landed him a business relationship with Jackie da Model who was also part of the show. When production ended for “La Esquina” Super Star Boogie was offered a spot as the DJ for today’s popular internet radio show “The Jackie Speaks Show” which launched after “La Esquina” production ended, also of Urban Latino Radio. Jackie had a chance to start a new show and she felt that together they would be unstoppable! Together Jackie da Model and DJ Super Star Boogie became a dynamic duo and a force to be reckoned with, they deliver an energy packed mix show to a local and international fan base. Working together they became business partners and great friends.  The Jackie Speaks Show can be heard every Thursday at 8pm Est.

“His music keeps people dancing during a party as well as from home during the radio show, listeners at home enjoy it so much it is their fix before heading out for the evening.”-Jackie da Model

DJ Super Star Boogie is not only a DJ but the A&R for Darkside Music Group // Darkside Inc. His ability to pitch collaborative ideas for artists as well as producers is recognized and valued. Darkside Inc is a major part of Super Star Boogie’s current focus and he is going to take it to the next level. Darkside Inc can be heard here

When Boogie is not DJ’ing he enjoys time with his family, playing sports and video games. He is a talented and genuine man on the rise in this industry. Not only does he DJ but he is an official MADDEN PS3 champion watch out he might beat you next!.

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LINKS TO DJ SUPER STAR BOOGIE MIX-TAPES: (New Jack City Mixtape) (NY State of mind mixtape) (The regulators mixtape)


“Having met and worked with The Corp Cartel in 2010 at Club Pyramid NYC and also having them as guests on The Jackie Speaks Radio Show for I can personally vouch for their excellent stage presence and talent as well as great artistic grind. In a short time they have skyrocketed within the media and have a buzz like no other. Below is an entertainment article to give you an idea of just who The Corp Cartel is written by JDM ent’s own Leena I commend her on her choice of content and interest in this group. Read and Enjoy -” Jackie da Model -@Jackiespeaks247

Interview with The Corp Cartel

Written by Leena – Edited by Jackie da Model

Author info for Leena




The trio The Corp Cartel hailing from the Washington Heights section of Manhattan is bringing their funky futuristic sound and style to the streets. Jonathan “Jaywise” Perez 27 , Mark “Tana” Melendez 27 and Alex “Chaos” Dore also 27 make up The Corp Cartel.

They were known individually for their MC skills in their own hoods and when they met they took it to the next level and created a mega group. “Originally The Corporation was the real name of our team and we just took over in every aspect of the way and while doing that we figured we had everything else on lockdown why not take over the music game as well. so with that being said we started a new addition to the
Corporation and shortened the name to The Corp. and added the Cartel due to our take charge attitude.”

The Corp Cartel has won the Latin Hip Hop Artist Award at the New York Underground Music Awards, they have performed at the Tribeca Film Festival and the 10th Annual New York Latino Film Festival presented by HBO.

“We had the inspiration, drive and dedication to take it to the next level and refused to be taken lightly.”

They have been working extremely hard and have a lot to show for it.

In 2005 they released their first mix tape installment entitled Unsigned Heights Vol. 1 with the late DJ Carl Blaze followed by Vol. 2 and in 2008 their single “Do You Want Me,” hit the independent charts.

Within the last few years they have had the opportunity to work with DJ Enuff, the late DJ Carl Blaze, DJ Prostyle, Crowdmover LBoogs and DJ Green Latern . Producers: Rockwilder, Kane Beatz, Michael “Seven” Summers and XV and as well as a few clothing lines such as: Sabit, Lavie, Gifted Elite, Kid Robot, Brian Wood, Dirty Jax and Orisue to name just a few of the ppl they have worked with in the entertainment and fashion world. The grind never stops with The Corp Cartel they continue to give Hip Hop a new sound and look.

This year The Corp Cartel plans to drop the their first album “The Corp Cartel on Deck: The World Series,” where the single “On Deck,” has been a hit.

In between working as a group they will also be working on solo albums. Jaywise currently released his single “Foolish Things,” and the video and song can be found on

The grind never stops with The Corp Cartel they continue to give Hip Hop a new sound and look.

For more detail on The Corp Cartel here are their links to music, credentials, and networks.











ENY THE ARTIST exclusive freestyle on the popular internet radio show “Jackie Speaks Show” which airs every Thursday on 8pm est

EKKO aka Young Ancient exclusive freestyle on the popular internet radio show “Jackie Speaks Show” which airs every Thursday on 8pm est






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According to our interview here is a little bit about each individual…you may also google them!

Perdomo now 28 years old, has been a male model for ten years. He began modeling after going to a phat farm casting with a friend and being chosen. It wasn’t planned. He started work with Diddy (Sean Puffy Combs) 6 years ago for Sean Jean Men’s Wear. His First agent was Drew..he moved on to 2 others after that. He is now with Ford Models Agency. YES as you can imagine he has been hit on by both women and men in the industry who tried to intervene with his work! “There are some Flames out there on the low” he said. His favorite shoot was the Louie Vuitton shoot in Dominican Republic because he got to visit his country of heritage plus flew his entire family to go with him. He was paid over 25k, that didn’t include the accommodating flights for himself and family. He does not speak to anyone directly for work, everything must go thru his manager. “Its all politics”-said Perdomo. The young Miguel Perdomo invested his time in Boxing and Basketball, now that he has an image to uphold the boxing had to be put on hold. He loved to fight in the ring or on the streets, but cannot risk any flaws to his face or body given his career. He is now waiting for a decision after a recent shoot for Polo done a lil over a month ago. When asked, he confirmed that he too is always anxious and doesn’t prefer to wait on getting pictures back..he enjoys being able to show them almost immediately (LIKE ME!) lol. In his spare time he works out a lot, and plays basketball when able. He has to control his weight gain and loss periodically so its very important that he attends the gym. He is also a fit-model for Foot Locker Corporate and Sean John. He agrees that most of the people in the industry have day jobs, because we need em!..Taxes are what kills you, and needing health insurance etc.. He and Johnny Medina met in 2008 when Johnny tried to sell him a tee shirt out of his trunk..they spoke about each others talents and then began working together Johnny for his music, Miguel for his Fashion and guidance..they are part of “The Justice League” a personal crew among their peers. Miguel Perdomo is single when asked his reply was “I’m always single”, “Moneys my girl” .. but also said “I am seeing someone, nothing serious yet”.

Johnny Medina has 2 singles out “Sunglasses at Night” and “Novella”. He says “You have to be really cool to wear your sunglasses at night”, Miguel adds “Yea, No white shoes guys” (to the uptown cats. Johnny calls himself “J. McFly” he has been doing music for 10-11 years now. He feels his single Novella was inspired by everyone who lives a “movie” like life, and women are also an influence to the song. Johnny is currently seeing someone..aaawwwww GIMMIE $20! lol.

I Am Pure singer of “Body Talk” single is currently finalizing editing on the music video for the song. The video was directed by Tat Wza of Hot 97 and Druski. When asked how long hes been doing music, he said awhile but he just recently dropped “Body Talk” in June and the feedback was remarkable. Body Talk was the hit that took off for him in his hometown NJ. He kept grinding, and had every NJ DJ playing the song so much that the on air DJs from out of town had no choice but to play his record. “In order to have a club poppin, you gotta play a PURE record”. The opening DJs would get such a crowd reaction that the closers (headliner DJs) asked the openers/hometown DJs about PUREs record personally. Getting the record played in all nightclubs is what lead to the radio play that he has today, the interviews, and the performance bookings. He looks like a rapper but is actually a singer, and loves that image. His inspiration for “Body Talk” record was for “Freedom of Expression” for all people of all types and ages. There is a possible remix in the works.. I predict a female on the track.. but right now we gonna have to say ALLEDGEDLY until he surprises us. PURE states ” People I stood in line for to buy their albums recognize me and have asked to work together, legendary people”-cant drop names on it tho. DJs that opened up for FLEX of HOT97 felt proud when the record was broken on air, as they had it and played it first..they felt as if they “made it” in a way thru the industry. “My people who held me down will get the remix and or next track first” said PURE. His hobbies include basketball, he is very aggressive on the courts and talks smack at 5’6” believe it or not. I challenged him live on air lol. He says Basketball is so NOW.. you have to play offense, defense and just act on it w/o time to stop. Pure is fresh out of a relationship, which he did value and is not looking but doesn’t deny that he would be interested if it came his way. His song was released and had nothing to do with his breakup FYI.

when we chatted about Facebook..the guys all agreed with my idea for a “Punch you in the face” option. Miguel wants a “I hate you” or a “dislike” button.