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TBB (The Bronx Boys)
First anniversary in 35 years covered by
JDM-Jackie da Model

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Being an 80’s baby I naturally grew up extremely fond of all that is hip hop culture. From the art perception in Graffiti that some saw as vandalism, to the intriguing coordination of “popping and locking” and “rocking” that is known today as “Breaking”. My generation that being 18-25 years old, was molded by mainly Rock Steady Crew and RUN DMC and were blindly forgetting to pay homage and recognition to the originators and pioneers above them. There are “rocking” crews that are out now that are so unaware of their “ancestors” in the world of Hip Hop but claim that they are “the best” in their dance genre, and proceed with arrogance. It is unbelievable. I wish they could have attended and seen the unity and peace among these men, and all the originators of their favorite “moves” and or “styles”.

Many don’t realize it but Latino’s are originators or heavily involved in a lot of music and dance. The Bronx was the borough in New York City where TBB originated, it then became a world wide affair of people starting or joining “crews” of their own for the love of the culture. In 1998 I was in high school and what we called the “bruck up” and “heel and toe” etc.. are very similar to popping and locking and the footwork of the breakers. It just had a Caribbean flow to it mixing reggae with body language be it hostile or romantic. Body Language plays a major role in any form of dance, it tells a story with every movement and loops you into the person’s emotions as they go.

It was an honor to attend the first ever anniversary in 35 years to TBB aka The Bronx Boys Rocking crew and learn more about HIP HOP History on an up close and personal level. My invitation came from one of the original members of The Rock Steady Crew Johnny “Cheesecake” Barretto after my posting on Face book riling up my fan base to vote for RSC to teach me how to break live on camera!. He communicated with Aby who is the man behind all of this!!

He introduced me to the greats including but not limited to: The Zulu Nation, Black Spades, Pop Master Fabel VP of RSC, Trac 2 Star Child of Rock, TBB members, Rock Steady Crew, Ready to Rock, The Original Breakers, Ramel the MC, John Conzo, Tony Tone of Cold Crush Brothers, DJ Outlaw, DJ Juneski, B Boy Speedy, B Boy London, Straight Man, Rubber band, Graffiti artist and Designer Trace 2, Ness, Aby’s beautiful wife Ceci and so many more. I interviewed many of them live on camera and mingled as I absorbed a historical moment in HIP HOP History. I met the men who started what we call “break dancing” now and learned how they came to be and what their places are in society today. I can say they were all very inspiring and positive.

I attended both the anniversary held at The Betances Community Center as well as the celebration after party at “The Basement”, which was actually in the basement of a building in the Bronx where they keep Hip Hop alive. “The Basement” was a graffiti decorated room with a DJ Set Up, a Tiled floor for the “Breakers”, some great and talented people and great music. It passes for a very cool hip hop lounge in my book, something you could see in NYC nightlife. Kudos to the event coordinators and participants it was a great day for Jackie da Model. Thanks to that day I will be part of follow up events and part of Hip Hop History one moment at a time!. Peace and LOve .

More photos and Videos will be up soon, awesome photography and videography with the help of  Hec Farrulla of BPS Productions. stay posted visit my Facebook: <—– OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOW VIEWABLE ***