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Indeed you might ask, how can an entrepreneur need advice from a fellow entrepreneur?

Well I will answer; because not all of the ones out have life and or business experience.

That being said I would like to share a few thoughts that may help others that currently freelance, own a small or large business, or are in plans to do so.

First bit of advice is regarding FOUNDATION!

In order to build yourself in your field you need to have a strong foundation, much like a house. if you’re weak you will need to be strong.

Your team reflects highly of who you are. You must also have a strong team.

Together you will excel and be able to meet your business goals and satisfy the goals in your business relationships.

Second; you need to have GOALS in order to meet them right?

Think about what drives you?, what motivates you? Then think about how you can achieve everything necessary to meet the goals you set. GOOD now that you’ve done so LISTEN UP.


If you want to be a professional be a damn good one. Research your profession or craft, invest in the thing that you need.

Things I advise are but not limited to; formal training in your craft or line of business, tools required such as software programs to utilize or equipment and or instruments if your profession requires them.

For example:

If you’re an actor take classes, obtain experience on set and off set (volunteer, network, and expand your knowledge while doing so) to then pursue paid work. Purchase different wardrobe options so that you may submit for different castings (nurse, doctor, cop, fireman, lawyer, etc) It will land you more options.

Obtain as much EXPERIENCE as you can, you will then be in high demand. In ANY form of business, this is important.

That being said, expanding on that need for experience in all businesses you can establish and maintain internships or apprenticeships where eventually you can then get a job referral based on the “show and prove” method. Show your WORK ETHIC prove you’re worthy.

Once you’ve established your existence in your business community begin to think about your next steps.

How can I create a steady income?

How can I obtain the tools I need for my goals moving forward?

Who can I offer my business to and how do I do so?



Protect yourself.

Protect your content.

What do I mean by “protect yourself and your content” ?

Obtain all individuals needed that will protect you and your business.

Lawyers specific to your business.

Legal ownership and rights to your content, so that all are protected.

and more.


-This is a small portion of my advice to anyone who is an entrepreneur. For more details, to ask me questions, or to seek referrals for anything i mentioned, please feel free to write me a message I will reply.

Thanks for reading!

JDM aka MividaJDM

Confessions of a shoe whore

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So, I like to think of myself as a bargain hunter; therefore I stumble upon deals and take advantage. I LOVE shoes, and am the type to want them in every color once I find a perfect fit.

Today is the last day of a BIG sale at Aldo show store and is also online till midnight! I urge all show lovers / shoe whores to take advantage now.
Genuine leather shoes at half or 70% less than normal price, handbags and accessories…. SEIZE THE DAY

When shopping online always search for additional coupon codes. You would be surprised at how many are out there, one of my favorite sites is for codes.

We all say “I have no space” right? WRONG: google your local churches and Salvation Army locations and donate all the clothes and shoes you haven’t worn in over a year or never really use … They are simply taking up valuable space and cluttering your decision making! 🙂

I am going to buy shelves and storage systems and create an awesome nook in my apartment for all my wardrobe, because this is the season for a wardrobe makeover !!!!

That is all, for now 😉

I will add pictures to this post at a later time of my cool finds.


A small JDM breakdown to motivate you!

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1990 I was already drawing and painting
1991 I was already recording and mixing music on a walkman that had a recorder, for my own entertainment and pleasure
1991/1992 My mother had me in a private modeling class-which I later got thrown out of for fighting with another little girl. I will never forget that.
1992/1993 You could catch me dancing and teaching the latest dances to my friends in and outdoors! Always “acting” like I was in a music video and mimicking my favorite idols for fun.
1995 Painting literally EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING 😉 3BB
1996 I was styling hair for family and friends, making mix tapes, and recording freestyles as well as playing basketball and handball all the time
1998 I was already working full time
1999 I entered a new world with some people that changed my life and had many lessons to learn from moving forward, I also lost my Dad that year.
2001 I entered nightlife and marketing, hosting.
2001/2002 I was already a business manager

2003 I was in college full time while working full time

2005 I lost my Mom and was devastated. I lost my job at the time for not coming in due to events after Moms passing. After life getting even more rocky, I stepped into exploring modeling as an adult. I worked with and still work with major artists and photographers and competed in competitions, did spokesmodel work and more.
2009 I got involved in radio as a host and eventually a producer of a show to cure my curiosity of broadcasting.
2010 I had my first surgery an unexpected health issue. Later that same year I went from being a co-host to having my own radio show.
2011 Another two surgeries and a rough year in general.
2013 An accident that lead to two surgeries, had to put my whole life on hold for the most part. I lost my day job.
2014 I am enrolled to return to college and continue with management of my health at the same time.
The above are only the highlights for the most part …
Have I stopped? NOPE. Will I stop or be stopped? NOPE.
Don’t ever let life get you down. KEEP ON WORKING HARD FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!-JDM




Jay Wise spits out lyrics like he is trying to get a bad taste out his mouth & won’t stop until the rhyme is over & the beat has gone silent. Then after the dust has settled, Jay Wise stands there with a grin on his face basking in the mayhem he just caused. This 28 year old Puerto Rican NYC born artist has his sights on the bigger & better things in life with future plans to launch an entertainment company. Jay Wise’s lyrical skills & vocal tone sets him apart from other artists. Hold a conversation with Jay Wise & you will soon realize that he posses all the grit, image, marketability & hunger needed to be successful in this game. Jay Wise’s favorite artists are Jay Z, Big Pun, Kayne,Chromeo, Bruno Mars & his group mates (Tana & Choas). He is influenced by the trendsetters of the world that stay true to their hearts & work hard everyday. Jay Wise says his solo project  “The Wake Up Call” will change the way people see music by bringing back the entertainment that is often missing in music.

Jay Wise is a 2008 New York Underground Music Award winner for Latin music. He has performed at over 80 clubs throughout NYC & in PR, St Barts and other places. Jay Wise has worked with well known Dj’s such as DJ’s such as The Heavy Hitter DJ Enuff (Hot 97). Power 105.1’s DJ’s Carl Blaze (R.I.P) & DJ Prostyle & DJ Camilo. The crowd mover L Boogs (Mr. MTV 3) DJ Green Lantern and DJ Kay Slay. He has worked with producers such as Rockwilder, Kane Beatz, Micheal “ Severn ” Summers, XV & Mighty Fuzz Young. And he has worked with clothing lines such as SABIT, LaVie, Live Mechanics, Gifted Elite, Kid Robot, Dirty Jaz, Benji Jeans, Brian Wood, Orisue, Religion, Rich Goldspun, Weirdo and many more.

the wake up call


Q: Who do you look up to in the industry? and if not industry a person? Tell me about why you look up to them/admire them..or their work?

A: “I look up to moguls like Jay Z for his success in the music business. Tech N9ne  because he’s independent and sells records and tours with out having to change who he is. My mother because she’s so successful and raised 3 kids by herself . Also Kanye West for not being Afraid of pushing the envelope.”

Q: What inspires your work?

A:  “Life , and my surroundings.”

Q: Tell me something that no-one would guess about you when they meet you?

A: “I love the TV show the office”

Q: At what age did you first start taking your talent seriously and pursuing it?

A: “Maybe 18.”

Q: What is your personal favorite genre in music? (what do you have on your playlist!?)

A: “Hip Hop.”

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: “Sneakers ,basketball , football.”

Q: What are your current projects and goals ?

A: “I’m working on my Mixtape / album called ‘The Wake Up Call’. Goals to be a better man everyday, I want to keep making music I love for people who love good music.”

Q: If you had any advice to give an artist that is aspiring what would it be?

A: “Stay true to your self , you can’t please everyone , work on your craft , know even if you’re really good that you can get better.”

JDM: I remember when I met and interviewed you and the group Corp Cartel. We had a lot of fun in that interview. The thing that stands out was that you are very hyper and very focused. We were having an awesome interview and at one point I said, “Do you have any shout outs”?. You shouted out your girlfriend first before anything. Jokingly I began the nickname of “the CUFF CARTEL” when the other members followed suit. I admire that because most men in these days don’t even give their woman a shoutout at all nonetheless acknowledge them publicly. Over the last few years, I have followed your career and your path. I am very happy to announce to your fan base that you married the love of your life and still balance your career. You are one of few artists that has managed to beat the stereotype.  To be a true gentleman and a true artist, takes respect and dedication. I commend you!.

I hope everyone enjoyed this Q&A and that they keep up with you!.

Q: Where can your fans hear and download your music?

A: , 

Q: Where can they keep up with you on social media? Also provide your web sites.

A: “They can visit me here”:

“My social media pages are”:


Instagram @jaywise31

Twitter @jaywise31

YouTube jaywise

Thank You Jay Wise for participating in JDM’s “Where are they now” interview write up ! I look forward to our live interview in the near future and congratulate you on your current endeavors! you are and will always be one of my favorite artists on the rise. 


corp cartel

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DYNASTY also known as the Prince of dancehall is a very talented artist originally from brooklyn, now residing in New Jersey. He is internationally known and still extremely humble. With the charm and appearance of a suave latino, he brings a Caribbean feel to the stage when he performs dancehall music. Our very own DYNASTY makes NY/NJ proud. We know him for having an amazing voice and a charismatic personality. It has been 3 years since our last interview chopping it up so I reached out to him for an update. Get to know the man behind the work. Check out the “Where are they now” write up by JDM featuring Dynasty below!

The Q&A to bring the fan base the 411! (Q =JDM A=DYNASTY) 

Q: What is your current project?

A: “My current project is my second mixtape ‘it’s about time Volume 2’. I’m also working on a new album for 2014.”

Q: What are your goals at this time?

A: “My current goal is to become the first and the biggest latin dancehall artist from New York to make it big”

Q: Who is your favorite artist or talented person at this time?

A: “Konshens, he is a reggae artist” 

Q: What is your favorite winter fashion?

A: “Timbs and hoodies like the 90s”

Q: What was your best moment in 2013?

A: “My best moment in 2013 was being with my grandmother for my birthday”

Q: Where can everyone hear your music and or download it?

A: ” ”

Q: The ladies want to know what the prince of dancehall’s current relationship status is!

A: “Single” 

There you have it! A little update on our friend DYNASTY!

Stay up to date with DYNASTY, add him on Facebook here:

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So below I will bullet point some tips of the trade from me to you. This list is based on personal experience, and lessons learned. Enjoy.

  • Learn your trade and take full confidence in yourself.
  • Approach every interview and goal as if your life depends on it.
  • Do not spread yourself too thin. (I personally have done this, and will never again).
  • Helping others is fine, but you must build yourself before you can be of help to anyone else.
  • If you are multi-talented, pick your strongest lane and build that one up. You can still work on your other talents, but you must strengthen one by one.
  • ALWAYS work with a contract.
  • All payment collected or sent should be accompanied with a receipt and or documentation for safe keeping.
  • GET A TAX ID NUMBER! So many “out of pocket” expenses can be written off during tax season.
  • DO NOT I repeat DO NOT hire and trust just anyone to be your intern/assistant/or be involved with your brand in any way without references and at least a minimal background check. (Also a huge mistake i made and learned from).
  • DO NOT give anyone too much personal info especially if you did not do a background check on them!
  • DO NOT give people a second chance if they did something outlandish. They reflect your brand with everything they do. Giving them a second chance can further impact the damage they have done. (Speaking from experience yet again!!!-lol)
  • DO maintain a healthy line of communication with all business associates. It is good to be up to date with their endeavors as they will be with yours.
  • Take classes and or do research about the type of trade you are interested in. Experience is everything but education on it adds to your worth. (I am currently adding to my worth, and doing just that).
  • DO burn bridges if they aren’t worth crossing, no seriously. It’s ok to walk away saying what you needed to say when you know you are right. Sometimes it is necessary, so do what you have to do and don’t ever fold. Follow your gut!.
  • DO NOT over-invest your energy or time with people or entities that do not invest the same amount in you. (Guess who did this and learned again! THIS GIRL)
  • Keep an up to date BIO handy and a list of your experience, i.e. an entertainment resume. Also back up all info and images or footage to a zip drive just in case!.
  • It is handy to carry this with you at all times, you never know who will call and when and should be ready.
  • Prepare a digital and a manual portfolio (I am currently updating mine, this is handy dandy let me tell you!)
  • Join all sites that cater to your trade. You will be able to promote your talent as well as find jobs.
  • Stick to your mentor, if you don’t have one GET ONE. I personally have a few, it is wise to get advice from another person and hear another opinion before making big decisions on your own.

I have more to share, but guess what??? BIGGEST TIP OF ALL


YES I KNOW- Take my own advice 😉

Off to sleep shortly.

Hope you enjoyed this, more to come. Do feel free to comment here, and subscribe to receive blog updates.

Thank you for reading.


By the way, thanks to my macbook from hell. This is a re-post so let me just add another tip: MAKE SURE YOUR MACBOOK THAT IS ACTING UP DOESNT CONNECT YOU TO A PRIOR BLOG THEN FORCING YOU TO RE LOCATE ORIGINAL VERSION AND START FROM SCRATCH!!!!! ok I am done venting. lol

“I know where I came from, where I have been, and I know where I would like to go. Sometimes it involves learning from the past and not turning back. I am not perfect, and never have been. But I am determined, passionate about my goals, and absolutely confident of my talents.” -JDM

One day in the future i will share with the world stories of my upbringing, struggles, and successes, as well as failures.

Mommy’s little girl who hated being forced to be “cute” or “prissy”, turned tomboy for awhile after child hood modeling classes and being forced to wear big fluffy dresses until 4th grade. One day I rebelled and wore a pair of pants! I loved sports (still do), got into fights, ran the streets, hung out with the wrong crowd, got into trouble over and over. Then found myself again, and separated my feelings about what I thought mattered and what actually did.

When my mother passed away I was approached for modeling, pulling together all my confidence which wasn’t very much at the time, and I pursued it. In a short time I mastered the art of communication and business within the field. I worked with quite a few people who were also up and coming as I moved about over the years. I was told my personality above everything was my best asset, not my face, not my body, my personality and my heart.

It took every fiber of my being to not turn back to my temper when things didn’t go my way, or when I went through hardships or disrespect from few negative experiences.

I have been lied to, scammed, taken advantage of, and worst of all disrespected all within the length of “learning” how to deal with certain people while managing myself.

Because of this I vowed to always be true to myself and to help those who want to get into this field. Don’t get me wrong, with all the bad came some good, and that is why I kept pushing for my goals.

I am not “famous” but I am known and respected. I would like to dedicate this blog and more to come to my supporters. If anyone wants advice, or would like to share advice do visit my blog and connect.

Stay tuned for a few “tips of the trade” blogs i will post in an effort to educate women and men that are aspiring in their trade.

All the best,




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So of all the doors in all the towns, this one had to fall on me!

Funny but not so funny story:

January 3, 2013 I walked into a restroom at my office and when I went to close the door it was not on its hinges and it fell on me. I am injured but optimistic. Still pending decision on next steps and determination of injury status. I appreciate all the people who have reached out to me, and or offered their kind blessings!.

Model / Actress on the loose!:

I have updated all of my folios and sites while having the time to do so. I am slowly returning from my hiatus that transpired for the year of 2012. A minor update is my endeavor into acting (more so than ever). I will be enrolling in some classes to perfect my trade. I have also been called on for some art/modeling/acting projects that are very interesting. This is exciting as i love to express my self through art visually and verbally. just sharing my joy! (Of course can’t move a muscle till I re-coop from injury but I digress) lol. 

Below I have a funny behind the scenes clip from an experimental project I participated in some time ago. Just for fun, heres the clip stash! I play “Erica” breaking up with “Mark” in a short film re make of the social network:

Also do add me on MM ( Model Mayhem) http://www.modelmayhem/jackiedamodel 

That’s my update! 

JDM signing off 😉 




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