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A small JDM breakdown to motivate you!

Posted: December 17, 2013 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in Uncategorized
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1990 I was already drawing and painting
1991 I was already recording and mixing music on a walkman that had a recorder, for my own entertainment and pleasure
1991/1992 My mother had me in a private modeling class-which I later got thrown out of for fighting with another little girl. I will never forget that.
1992/1993 You could catch me dancing and teaching the latest dances to my friends in and outdoors! Always “acting” like I was in a music video and mimicking my favorite idols for fun.
1995 Painting literally EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING 😉 3BB
1996 I was styling hair for family and friends, making mix tapes, and recording freestyles as well as playing basketball and handball all the time
1998 I was already working full time
1999 I entered a new world with some people that changed my life and had many lessons to learn from moving forward, I also lost my Dad that year.
2001 I entered nightlife and marketing, hosting.
2001/2002 I was already a business manager

2003 I was in college full time while working full time

2005 I lost my Mom and was devastated. I lost my job at the time for not coming in due to events after Moms passing. After life getting even more rocky, I stepped into exploring modeling as an adult. I worked with and still work with major artists and photographers and competed in competitions, did spokesmodel work and more.
2009 I got involved in radio as a host and eventually a producer of a show to cure my curiosity of broadcasting.
2010 I had my first surgery an unexpected health issue. Later that same year I went from being a co-host to having my own radio show.
2011 Another two surgeries and a rough year in general.
2013 An accident that lead to two surgeries, had to put my whole life on hold for the most part. I lost my day job.
2014 I am enrolled to return to college and continue with management of my health at the same time.
The above are only the highlights for the most part …
Have I stopped? NOPE. Will I stop or be stopped? NOPE.
Don’t ever let life get you down. KEEP ON WORKING HARD FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!-JDM


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So of all the doors in all the towns, this one had to fall on me!

Funny but not so funny story:

January 3, 2013 I walked into a restroom at my office and when I went to close the door it was not on its hinges and it fell on me. I am injured but optimistic. Still pending decision on next steps and determination of injury status. I appreciate all the people who have reached out to me, and or offered their kind blessings!.

Model / Actress on the loose!:

I have updated all of my folios and sites while having the time to do so. I am slowly returning from my hiatus that transpired for the year of 2012. A minor update is my endeavor into acting (more so than ever). I will be enrolling in some classes to perfect my trade. I have also been called on for some art/modeling/acting projects that are very interesting. This is exciting as i love to express my self through art visually and verbally. just sharing my joy! (Of course can’t move a muscle till I re-coop from injury but I digress) lol. 

Below I have a funny behind the scenes clip from an experimental project I participated in some time ago. Just for fun, heres the clip stash! I play “Erica” breaking up with “Mark” in a short film re make of the social network:

Also do add me on MM ( Model Mayhem) http://www.modelmayhem/jackiedamodel 

That’s my update! 

JDM signing off 😉