Apparently it isn’t just me, many women go thru the trials and tribulations with politics in music industry. As a model for hire it upsets me when I open my agenda to work only to waste my precious time. I have a day job, one that takes care of my responsibilities might I add. However like many others I have talents that I pursue outside of that day job. I would like to talk about the industry and it’s tricks and turns from behind the scenes. Ladies you should always have a manager or someone to go with you to these types of work for the simple fact they would be helpful as a shield between yourself and the person with alterior motives..also a good witness.

Recently I was hired to be the featured model in a music video, the main girl. It was a great opportunity. FYI at first he hired me as one of a few models then we had our meeting and spoke suddenly he notifies me that we will doing a different song and i will be the only girl in video as his “love”. (RED FLAG). I accepted and not only did I encourage the artist with his book and album, but i thanked him for the chance to be in his video as it would alledgedly be big in the carribean as well as here. What i failed to realize is, he was a two faced man going thru a mid life crisis. He started off very cool and was friends with a mutual friend so I had put my doubts aside in terms of his personality. I am the type of person that gets to know everyone I work with on a professional and friendship level if need be. We had healthy conversation before work began so I could understand his perception in music and writing and he could see my focus in my talents. He inquired way too much about my personal life. He then tried to tell me on several occasions he was interested in me, and each time he responded with a brat attitude when i declined advances. The nicest comment i said was “well your not ugly” which i now take back..i was just being nice.

On the First occasion where we met and had a business lunch that’s when he got personal. On the second occasion where he met me to pay me in advance for video the balance of agreed fees, he accompanied me as I shopped. He made the choice to pay for two purchases as a “friend”. I had money in my hand and he paid as if trying to show off, what I should have mentioned was .. that’s compensation for my time and all the times you changed the date plus asking me to appear for 30 minutes then saying actually he needs 48 hours of my time (2 days) to shoot. I did not bitch nor did i act with any enthusiasm at first I shot the dirty look at him like “what the hell are you doing”..He said some thing along the lines of “oh should i have done that” I said thank you and left it at that.

We went to the movies because at that point we had already determined we were just cool and he knew to stop tryina kick it..i specifically said this is not a date..and the era of him acting inappropriate had passed-soon i found out that was only temporary. Somewhere in the middle of movie he decides to try and hold my hand..i didn’t like that and i shot the sideeye at him.. he says “Im affectionate”..and i replied “WELL IM NOT”..honestly i dont care what anyone is you could be a drag queen or a zebra but do it on your own time. He gave me the most disgusting attitude ever up until we left at end of movie which at that point i was literally sick to my stomach…i recently had surgery which I was taking pain medication for and I was in pain..going down the escalator he finally saw the pain I was in and the cold expression turned to concern and worry..that lasted all but 5 minutes..when we were outside i asked him “whats your problem, are you mad because i wouldnt hold your already know i dont want anything with you” and he replied “i am not used to putting myself out there and being turned down” he hailed me a cab while we were outside and walked off w/o saying good bye after he paid the driver..I was in no mood for this drama queen shit so i left it alone until the following day.

Closer to the day of video I had had enough (the day after this spat), I spoke with him and laid it on the table..he then told me he respected me for telling him how i felt. He apologized and stated “It’s just that 99% of females never turn me down” and “It shows good character that you discussed this with me, your right and I won’t do it again”. That was the red flag to keep an eye out he apologized yet felt the need to mention that he never gets turned down. I made it cristal clear that I am not into him in any way for the millionth time, and I would never lead anyone on…and i even mentioned the jacket and said I am on verge of giving you the money back for that..he declined! DONT SAY I DIDNT MENTION IT.

The following day when i interviewed him on radio show prior to the video shoot (which kept getting postponed) he acted completely normal and didn’t act up not once. There were people there and that is why, now that i notice he only gets annoying when he thinks no one is watching. He wants to appear to be the center of attention or importance at all times and if someone else is just kills him. After the interview we said “see you at the shoot”.

The days were growing closer..I receive an email about the agenda including time/date/location. I then reach out and ask so what time shall i be ready for the driver to pick me up?.. He gives me some excuse about how he doesn’t have a driver because the driver(s) will be busy bringing equipment etc back and i can meet him later in the afternoon at a more convenient location in manhattan as opposed to the far bronx, and that i should get there on my own. Mind you he doesnt offer to get me or arrange someone to get me yet when we met he allegedly said he has 3 drivers, his own stylists, an assistant .. yadda yadda. Now i have to change my whole agenda, and make sure that on top of that I get my own hair+makeup people before I get there because I had the feeling he did not have a professional set..I got that feeling when I said be sure to have fresh fruit and cold water on the set and he thought I ws joking.

This was not my first video, nor was i the one that asked to be in it to benefit for myself. He asked ME, and i accepted a “gig”. Somehow he got it twisted. I offered to hire or have a behind the scenes photographer as I like one wherever i work. He says “No I will have my assistant take pictures, and I don’t want anyone on the set”. Again…he has now cancelled my driver, asked me to get there myself, has no staff, and on top of that refuses to allow me to come with someone because he’s an attention whore… back to the story.. I get a friend to take me, and also accompany me to my makeup artists location before shoot..we were about 10-14 blocks away…when i headed over we were caught in traffic..his annoying assistant calls my phone (when I never spoke with her before) and is yelling in my ear “Where are you” assuming im purposely not there yet…what an idiot. I clearly state..first of all who is this?.. oh your his assistant?..well how would I know if you have never called me!?.. He has no makeup or hair people there and I am finishing up I am on the way, relax! I asked why he wasnt shooting his own scenes yet as he waited and she was like “Oh I dont know” HOW DONT YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR BOSS IS DOING YOU ARE HIS ASSISTANT what a re-re…maybe because he had just hired this Fiona look alike like the week before?!..

Anyway..the weather was musky out…im doin a mad dash to get there and when i get upstairs its some suite in building with a few low budget studios, no type of professional set whatsoever and all I thought was .. He is on the come up..we all have to start somewhere, and we are all paid to be here otherwise this would not be an option on a saturday afternoon. Im in my mode looking thru my stuff, i change and he is just amazed and tells me i look great, so did the director.

I do my scenes, he does his, we have dual scene, i think were almost done..and somewhere in between he does exactly what i expected…makes it unprofessional again.. “Jackie I figured you out, you probably have a man and that’s why you don’t wanna date me…I know you dont want anyone in industry acting different because you have a man right” or your still hung up on “gang dude” <–he was referring to an ex boyfriend that was affiliated with a street life. Instead of blurting out how i felt on the set and embarrassing him by screaming "WHY CANT YOU ACCEPT THE FACT THAT I SAID NO AND I JUST DONT LIKE YOU" I said.. "No that is not the case, and why are you still trying to figure me out, what does it matter to you".. of course he has that little attitude again.. I also brought up the fact that there will be no kissing scene because we discussed it days before and I said NO, not only was there no makeup artists to fix my lipstick..but I just didn't want his creepy tongue in my mouth. Starting with me on the set was a big NO NO Mind you were leaving soon to shoot rest of video and umm where to ..MY RADIO STATION LOCATION..that he asked to use at the last minute..but wait theres more.. "Hey how are we getting there" I ask.. now that my ride left because you wanted a closed set.. He says "My Driver is coming".. we waited like an hour in the heat outside…so now im pissed..when i really got mad was when the driver gets there and me, him, camera man, director have to sit in back, and his porkchop assistant sits in the front! really!? So instead of having the biggest person sit in front or catering to artist or talent or CALLING ANOTHER CAR we are squished, in the heat, in a cab, with that dumb glass divider so its even less space. We go to get the motorcycle that was going to be used and are stuck in horrific traffic.. the whole ride hes being annoying and im not even next to him..I purposely sat by the window NOT ON ANYONES LAP and took up as much space as my ass needed. Eff that! Two can play this.. So at one point he says he wants to choke me because everyones uncomfortable of course i replied dont test me! He went on to talk athe time he hit some girl and I just laughed at him while everyone could feel the tension in the car..back to people being comfy i told him "well you shouldve thought of that before" cmon EL CHEAPO get a truck!..We get to the Bike location and i get out of car to stretch and he says "Close your jacket, I don't wanna have to beat someone up" I spazzed and let it be known I fight my own battles plus the only people outside that couldve oggled my cleavage was an old lady crossing the street and some guy eating pizza! Still i decided i didn't wanna hear it so i got back in car after he bitched …that was a straight you think your my jealous boyfriend move. I can see why he is single. Anyway.. the bike owner was getting ready to go and mister artist implies that I should go on the bike as if I am some kind of groupie with the camera man whom i met that day all because earlier he saw us having a conversation and he flipped into auto anger and said "Oh you like him or something" I said NO..we were talking about someone we know based on a tattoo he had of some crew ..sheesshhhh! . The whole way to last shoot he was straight sarcastic and annoying.

We get there and I see all my colleagues from station I say my hello's and he see's with his own eyes that I am well known and one asked or cared who he was. I know this pissed him off. He whines about people watching us in action thru the window and somehow forgets that i clearly was insulted a few hours earlier by his advances. On the set at station he says you know your beautiful right, and is being nice then he sees someone watching thru window and is like "you know all those guys" Im like what the hell do you think. I WORK HERE what a genious!!!

I would like to say that the entire 8+ hours of work put in the director was constantly admiring or saying shots were great.. and we were all pretty happy.. anyway.. at the end.. he says bye and the crew leaves (we still didn't do bike scene..which the director and camera man briefly mention i should be in) I ask him so were done?.. he says yea that hes shooting bike scene alone.. storms out has attitude.. briefly after that day we text of nothing more or less than hello and exchanged pictures from the shoot or shall i say one picture each .. he had yet to give me the rest and or the footage..he said video will be out in 3 weeks etc..I would reach out from time to time over those weeks and ask hows it coming along and both artist and camera man said "beautiful"..

I come to learn that he erased me from facebook april 5th .. i noticed because of a post i was responding to.. so i call him out on it I called his phone.. no answer, i text no answer.. he emails me some bullshit!!! and i tried to respond with as little rage as possible.. because at this point i already saw the pattern.. basically the book he wrote was clearly him talking about everyone because he is not as successful as he would like to be and is blaming everyone but himself..sometimes you have to admit when you are wrong and take responsibility for your actions.. I am an office manager by day, always have to take the heat for everyone's mistakes, I correct them and at the end of the day I know if something is repetitive maybe it's how i run my office?.. i analyze myself as well as the situation to be sure and that is how your supposed to work to succeed.. correct all from all angles and then move forward.!

well i will be posting the correspondence shortly before i do so this is what i have learned from this experience:

Never think someone is actually being your friend or nice to you in conversation especially upon first meeting them within the first 60 minutes without fully understanding their motive, what im saying is dont let your guards down. If they have an alterior motive it will come about eventually. No one is that nice to want to spend time getting to know you and always paying for shyt when you offer to pay yourself unless they are trying to matter what they tell you. And no one gets the point when you say NO if their name is TROLL formerly known as ____ ..they need a big octagon stop sign plastered on their forehead!. If they need to pay you to be in a video, lie about their accomplishments or staff members to try to impress you and or throw a tantrum and keep on trying to hit on you to no avail..they just had the most expensive non-date ever and they need to join and find a loser who is desperate because no real woman in their right mind will fall for people trying to buy them into anything or sweet talk. And the next time i research the artist i will click on the other 2 pages to read about things on google .. that's how I missed the video blogs and the statement's I read after this fiasco!

This man paid me to be in video and paid for two of my purchases while shopping-mind you the stuff was for the video..and that was on his own. I did not expect nor ask him. I even shot him the side-eye dirty look because i had previously stated that i don’t accept gifts from men, esp when they have interest in me because they will expect stuff in return.. I AM NOT THE ONE. His excuse is he buys things for everyone its how he is.. and then changes his story..In fact when i was picking up the jacket that he ended up paying for he was about to buy one for his assistant i guess hes tryina do everyone!

I haven’t posted his name in entire blog because I don’t even need to. Only a guilty conscience will recognize who he is or reply with negativity.. So many more things said and done but this was he biggest piece of the pathetic mid life crisis troll puzzle.. ha.. as i write this he just text me “do you want to talk to me now” .. the answer is NO…I have nothing to say to people who mis judge and try to analyze a situation because they honestly don’t believe they are being rejected.

He had the nerve to say he wrote about about people who used him in his book and then he placed me in that category.. if anything he used me because no one is going to watch a video with a singing midget if you ask me!…If i was in it as the eye candy so be it .. but let’s be honest …he ain’t shit. He needs to take the advice of his last name and stop!

I received a lot of feedback about this post and my news to everyone of video cancellation..mainly because men and women that know me know that i dont play and i speak up on whatever i feel. A lot of people were waiting to see the footage because they support whatever I do..not for HIM..he hated that. So he must in his own troll mind believe that I was using him for exposure, well if me being hired as the female model is going to over shadow him he should have hired a fat chick!..Everyone was dismayed over this news…I would just like to say… do not bother with that man if you know him..he had the nerve to try and comment this blog from another email address..forgetting I can retrieve the IP address ..very nice try…but maybe you should just get your emotional story straight before attempting a rebuttal. I clearly stated from beginning to end i was never interested nor did i give him idea that i would be..he comes out of pocket for anyone near him in fact he stated “around me you never have to reach in your pocket” and i said ..i dont allow anyone try to buy my affection..if you go ahead and pay for something you made that choice on your own do not expect anything in return.. i mean seriously what is his definition of friends?.. he is like a bipolar troll that thinks he is still in a boyband era im sorry NEW TROLL ON THE BLOCK your ship has sailed.. and all your insecurity does not amuse me

please dont blame me for your cheesy book you lost 400,000 of someone elses money …the indian dude sponsoring your renegades should be the mad one…and by the way your website has a typo..but not half as many as the ones in your book! Maybe next time you want a womans company you should hire an escort to be in your video and pay her to be the model and your girl for the day…as far i know i accepted the gig for video feature not your girlfriend you freakin emotional dude..go get a box of tampons!





Unfortunately after looking after what we had shot it was the directors strong opinion as well as my own to reshoot all of your parts due mostly to lack of chemistry on film. There was a reason that we were asking you to be more passionate on film and show more affection towards me for the sake of the song and your lack of it was clearly displayed. now we are forced to hire someone else and reshoot all those scenes and that means more money must be spent. This decision is business and nothing more.
Whenever i work on a project the absolute best must be displayed and nothing more will be accepted esspecially when compensation was reached. I do appreciate your time and wish you the best on your future endevors.-”


"Wow seriously
And so u even erase me from facebook like I did something to u
That's very unprofessional

And its all good

It is what it is

Out of respect I would like to have any of the pictures u took of me …as u did so with ur camera

And I would like to see the footage if u do not mind

Ur opinion is your opinion, if you ask me you couldve atleast said that instead of saying “its coming out in 3 weeks” oh its coming along great… Why lie?
I have so many responses for so many reasons to your email, and the nerve of you to not pick up the phone and give me the respect to let me know.

It is very coincidental how difficult it was to be comfortable after the stunt you pulled with assuming I'm like any other female. I'm sorry it didn't work for you, good luck with your endeavors. I'm just shocked that you decided to completely erase me from your radar like I did something to you intentionally, very unprofessional. "


“all footage has is property of SONRISA DISCOS so unfortunately has been destroyed. I deleted you from my facebook because
i felt and i still feel that you are a user and i dont need to affiliate myself with people like that…..i wrote a book about it.
no big deal jackie ok. take care and good luck.”


"Wow your sadly mistaken

And If I wrote a book about how u treated me it would display the way the world is

Wow u paid for a jacket and some costume jewelry to be used toward the shoot that we didn't even get to do fully

Because u held my hand and I declined u turned into a mean and cold man…write whatever you want I really don't care..that just shows me the person you really are…that's so sad.

And to think I spoke so highly of u.

Amazing when men with alterior motives and fears of rejection judge others without even a conversation. Don’t you dare mis judge me or cause defamation of character for your own amusement or to attempt to amuse yourself. YOU DONT KNOW ME and you never will…because you jumped to be it.

I was hired to work, and so I did…just because I wasn’t gonna work on ur heart or sex drive doesn’t make me a bad person! You don’t know what it is to be in my shoes.

This is truely disappointing …

I hope u grow up"



But as you have read his first email 15 minutes after ignoring my calls/texts and was his poor attempt at breaking his decision of hatred to me in a nice way..then as i reply he writes back and gets snippy..all the while he cant spell to save his life.. at this point his second book will be a coaster, thank god he gave me a copy of the first one for a matter of fact maybe he lost the 400,000 via book project because he had to give all the books away since no one would buy them willingly..who knows.. feel free to comment on blog below with your thoughts or share experiences !

All the best – JDM