There are multiple stories about our NYC transit system and its dangers.

  • People falling into subway tracks and getting killed by speeding trains.
  • Passengers being pushed deliberately by crazy people or actually climbing into the tracks looking for a lost personal item instead of asking staff for assistance.
  • Public Exposure or rape cases.
  • Typical case is when an innocent bystander is having it out with straggler not realizing “who they are dealing with”

The public has always been concerned with being pick pocketed, or groped during a train ride. They seldom think about the minor altercations that lead to death or major injury.

I witness something crazy everyday, it is up to us as the public to not allow situations to get out of control. The following story disturbs me.

Before I go on to tell this story, I want the readers to realize I took the D train several hours before this happened I live in Brooklyn, just want to thank God that i am alive and safe. Its crazy how the most random acts of hate occur and they can happen to anyone. Dwight Johnson 36 year old passenger who was riding D train was stabbed to death over a seat. Dwight was occupying two seats at a time and was asked to move, when he told the other passenger Gerardo Sanchez; “there are plenty of other seats”..Gerardo refused to give in stating “No!, I want this seat”. When Johnson decided that it wasn’t worth the argument, he moved his belongings. Sanchez stared at him with anger and began provoking a verbal altercation, he was spewing all kinds of maniatico statements!. “You think Im scared of You?, Im not scared of you!” ..PAUSE!!!!!! If some crazy man starts yelling at me, well.. even gets this close i seriously would consider either coming back at him with the “Im sorry are you still here?” or something to brush him off and just dead the drama if not slapping him into next week.. apparently that doesn’t work 100% of the time. Unlike my “I need to have the last word and i dont let people talk to me like that attitude” Johnson showed us a valuable lesson. Johnson ignored Sanchez and tried teh mature route of keeping quiet,  his only mistake was not knowing how crazy this man would turn out to be. Before Johnson had a chance to react, Sanchez began to stab him repeatedly severing his carotid artery among many stabs. The attacker then pried the doors open to dispose of the knife onto the tracks, and began mumbling his crazy talk until the next stop all the while passengers were stuck with dead man and murderer.

That isn’t the first murder on an NYC MTA line.

A few years ago a man was found dead at Coney Island stop after being reported missing he was already dead and riding train route before someone found him on last stop.


In 2004 a 19 year old Lina Villegas was hit and killed by a NYC train while trying to get her cell phone that she dropped on the tracks.

  Early November 2009 a 22 yr old male Seth Khan was struck by a bus driver in NYC, the driver was previously suspended due to texting and facebook photo uploads of his passengers before that incident.  The cell phone had nothing to do with his negligent driving..the hit and kill was purely his own stupidity.

There is a book called Subwayland by Randy Kennedy that describes alot of the horrific accidents and events of the MTA, he provides opinion on what the best step would be in scenarios that you may encounter. Like… dropping a phone: obviously ask for help DO NOT go get it yourself, ETC.


A few months ago i was riding the Q Train from work. Around 14th Street Union Square a man entered the train and must have shoulder bumped this teenage boy , then spins around and tells the kid “You disrespectful ass nigga” <–excuse my french but im telling it like it happened. Anyway the kid is with like 3 girls and 1 boy.. they all look around 17 at most. The man continues to curse at the boy and threaten him, calls him a “pussy” and is starting an unprovoked argument. Being a teenage boy, he responds to this banter with his own remarks. Next thing you know the boy, and the girls are all cursing at this man, teaming up and telling him to watch his mouth and how they will beat his ass. Do you know what this grown ass man says? “Im a real Blood, young boy you dont know me im a OG”    WTF DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING??. So now it has been atleast 7 minutes we are all trapped over the bridge listening to what is about to be a rumble. People are getting nervous because it was an unpredictable situation. I got up, walked over to the kids. I asked the girls to stop yelling and tell me what is going on. I actually talked to them and told them how the other passengers had already called 911 and notified the conductor and they should just get off on the next stop and get away from this man being that he is obviously crazy, i also told them it isnt worth getting arrested because at 16 you get processed as an adult. The girls and that one boy told me how the man was provoking the level 10 pitched screams we heard, and they are all about 15/16 yrs old and are just trying to get home. I personally tapped that man on the shoulder and said “Do you see these kids?, they could be your friends children or your kids you have any respect for yourself?” “How are you still claimin OG as an Old man, you really need to stop threatening children because it shows how insecure your manhood is, This entire train car is dying for you to STFU and get off the train” He looked at me and said.. “they started it” im like seriously .. your going to pull a 9 year old tattle on this ?  “they are children, they dont know any better than to get defensive if someone demeans them, get out the train car because i refuse to deal with your CHILD ABUSER or Skitzo self”…he stared at me a moment and he took a deep breath and said “aiight cool, but only because your right..these basterd kids arent worth my time”..this is after he had made one of the young girls cry hysterically because he threatened to follow her and ” beat her” if they shared the same train stop.

This kind of  behavior is uncalled for and it is sad that we have to deal with these risks in public transportation. They have fare hikes constantly and they aren’t even upping the security, if they had cameras on the train there would be less insanity on wheels.