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Society Slipping

Posted: January 18, 2013 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in Uncategorized
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A woman was stabbed up at a Bed Bath and Beyond store randomly. The person who stabbed her was caught. They say this same man burned a cat to death that he adopted around xmas time. 

Not long ago a crazy woman pushed a man into the train tracks #NYC.

Periodically we are hearing of school and public shootings/massacres. 

Society is slipping into a bad state. Are we going to end up being internet shoppers who home school kids and avoid public transportation and events?.. that can’t be life. 

Why are all these people with mental issues running wild? Are they aware they have issues, do they not have proper care to see a professional for help..or worse do their family and friends not notice and push them over the edge? 

I for one am not going to live in hiding or fear because of these crazy people. I am however going to remain on point and perhaps invest in some self defense training in the event I need to seriously break someone up if they attack me or a loved one!


  • A 6 year old kid was suspended from school for joking and pointing a “finger gun” at a classmate. imagine a child playing cops and robbers and saying “pow pow i got you” and then getting arrested, that is what society has come to. The innocence of children is now a threat after all the recent gun/violent activity throughout the united states. 
  • A child was murdered in L.I. NY, the sibling was not there and the 911 caller was no where to be found. Suspicious, i think so.
  • A man killed his grandmother (62 years old) with a fake elephant tusk because she was allegedly wielding a voo doo doll threat against him. He then attacked arresting officers leaving them with scratches/bruises. His lawyers are blaming this on a mental illness.
  • 30 mobsters from notorious crime families have been busted in private sanitation trash haul of bodies in NY / NJ.

These certain headlines have me convinced that the media has no good news this morning…other than MTA finally letting us see train schedule on smart phones-whoopty doo. 

I pray for the human race, it is falling of its course!