Don’t be a full blown sell out

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Seems that society is either open or close minded at times. Some respect only MAINSTREAM content and businesses (things they are familiar with), while others respect UNDERGROUND, MAINSTREAM, SMALL and LARGE Corporations, etc. There is no in between. That is sad considering that many of the mainstream things we all know and love do not rely on middle or NORMAL class society, they are functioning regardless with the 1% folk, lower and middle class supporters are nobodies to them. a mom and pop shop or a small business is more likely to genuinely put their best foot forward and they are often overlooked. We are all guilty of supporting major corporations or brands at one point in our lives when that was all we knew. However, when you know better you will do better.
I will get things I routinely purchase that are part of life, needs and my preference..but in the same breath I will also try to explore alternatives with small businesses and take my wallet there.
Custom made apparel of good quality is a balance, BRAND versus up and coming BRAND.
Toiletries have to be particular in most areas; but we can explore hand made soaps, scrubs and the like.
Food is clearly non negotiable most of the time, but if you know someone with a food license and they have quality goods why not give them your business?
These are little changes that can make an impact in your life and theirs. I would rather do my best to put money in someone’s pocket that works hard for it and uses it wisely, than a company that disrespectfully pays employees low wages and pays themselves that 1% lifestyle income. I don’t know… it’s just my opinion…I am just one person.
I have supported all my friends businesses at least once, whatever they were. I have watched it make a difference, and watched them re invest into growth. Thats what really matters!. If the world stays strong and puts their skill and service out confidently, maybe we can stand a chance with this economic roller coaster and the new changes. – JDM

Jackie Sandiego

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I have been very busy, but all for good reason! I typically channel my inner writer with my FB posts and my IG captions while sharing a noteworthy photo or video. Here is what has been up!

I launched a soft launch to my website, spent some time while returning to college sharpening my mind and body to prepare for a long journey.


My website focuses on art and media and I am available with consultation only due to injuries I sustained that basically changed my life and posed physical limitations!


So in a nutshell, that accident messed up my life for quite some time and still is, but I am fighting for normalcy.


I am a mixed media arts major, and I am a self taught artist already so these courses are helping add new techniques to my craft!


My website is I am a freelancer, I have a zero tolerance for wasting time, so serious inquiries only!!!!! I promise you, every single day.. we are all blessed to be here and it can always be worse.


XOXO – Jackie

Here is a sneak peek from a live performance of Cody Chestnutt with flautist harmonizing simultaneously! His interaction with his audience is an experience to remember. Check this out. The full length video will follow on youtube, subscribe and stay tuned!


New Music Video Alert

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International Nova Ft. Showtime (Maybach Music Group) “Bring it back” 

Putang ina! Swears to remember 

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HANGZHOU, China — After being called an obscenity by the president of the Philippines, President Obama canceled a meeting with the leader that had been scheduled for Tuesday.
President Rodrigo Duterte had threatened to curse out Obama if he raised the issue of extrajudicial killings by Philippine authorities in a sweeping crackdown on drug trafficking. Speaking to reporters, Duterte, who took office in June, said the Philippines is a “sovereign state and we have long ceased to be a colony,” according to the Associated Press.
He added: “I do not have any master except the Filipino people, nobody but nobody. You must be respectful. Do not just throw questions. ‘Putang ina,’ I will swear at you in that forum.” That is the Tagalog phrase for “son of a bitch” or “son of a whore.”
But on Tuesday, in a statement read by his spokesman, Duterte expressed regret that his comments “came across as a personal attack” on the U.S. president. The statement said a meeting “between the United States and the Philippines” had been arranged for a later date. – via WashingtonPost 
Personally I could never work with anyone who disrespects me, I don’t blame Obama for standing his ground when the first insult flew. – jdm 

Behind the scenes of the “King” music video with artist Cortez feat T Top. The highly anticipated release of this music video is coming!.



As many of you know, I have been on a hiatus that lasted way longer than I would have liked. As of recently I began to share my art and media with everyone, and officially freelance as a paid artist.

I wanted to thank everyone who has been supportive and great during these times. My most recent challenge was to participate in an art show among other artists with only a few days to prep 4 pieces. This was especially hard because I am still in pain and had to make a decision to use only acrylic which dries faster, I actually ran in with wet pieces.

I wanted to share 2 particular pieces that I created by hand, that are 1 of 1 that sold this week. They were in my “Gory” themed art piece participation stash. The first means a lot to me and I started this one way before this show back in June with personal depth; The Cold Black Heart oil and acrylic on cotton canvas, JC, 2016, hand painted with brushes to depict an anatomical Black Heart pouring out black blood onto ice cubes.


The second created specifically for this art show in August would be;  Scream Queen, acrylic on cotton canvas, JC, 2016 hand painted with brush and sponge, this would depict a screaming female mouth standing out upon a dark abyss, blood splattering below at base of picture plane.


I am honored that people enjoy my art and plan to continue creating and bringing it to the masses. If anyone has any requests or inquiries feel free to email me! To follow my art please add my Instagram: Mivida_jdm_art as well as my Facebook: “Mivida Jdm”

Ciao for now!