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Part of my pain JDM


Where I come from quality time means more to me than anything money can buy. I had an unusual upbringing and was already working full time by high school. Lost my dad and a few years later lost my mom.

I moved out on my own at 18 years old with minimum wage and just enough to cover rent and hardly able to do groceries or pay bills. I watched VHS tapes over and over because I had no cable for awhile. I still had dial up to go online with an old ass pc. Over time little by little I built my life. I built my home and I built my career. I went from that to running a medical office and working in the industry with some of the best equiptment and people.

Having no parents at the age of 21 took a toll on me. Dad passed when I was a teen and mom passed when I turned 21. I didn’t always make the best decisions but I guarantee I learned from them. My health started to slip in 2009. I had first surgery in 2010 and from there continuous random issues have arose pertaining to health and interrupting my life. As of 2013 I was in an accident at work which changed my life. I went from being happy (finally) and living comfortably, to fighting for my paychecks from workers comp, not being able to have any kind of social life, not being able to participate in sports or gym, not being able to travel, and most importantly not being able to live my life daily as I used to. No radio, no modeling, no events, etc. However in this time I have been home I have been able to see my friends and family who visit me or were by my side at doctors etc, and I again learned the value of quality time that I once started to forget. I embraced my art skills again drawing and painting through my pain when I couldn’t sleep sometimes for days at a time. I made some changes to secure my future and still in all made sure I was there for people who needed me while I myself was down and out.

When I was at work I worked and commuted 15-20 hours of my day 5-6 days a week. I lost the spare time I used to have on weekends sometimes having to go to my office or being exhausted and having errands to run and maintain my home. Being hurt and out of work I realized who my real friends are and that my job can be gone in an instant if I don’t recover soon, I again will need to start my life over again…and this time I will do it with only positive people in my circle. I can’t afford anything less.

On Monday August 12 I will undergo one of two surgeries needed for me to get back to normal life. After recovering from that one I will continue to fight for my job and for the approval for the second surgery.

The second surgery is major and involves my spine, I may never be the same again physically (concerning pain and range of motion) but I will always be the same mentally. I can only pray that I will be able to continue my pursuance with my career after this. As an aspiring multi talented media personality actress model and business manager.

I just wanted to share a piece of my life to help those who have no idea understand. This is not the half of it. So if I don’t acknowledge every attempt of someone hitting on me or every friendship that dwindles out here and is because I learned from a young age what and who I need in my life. I don’t agree to everything or with everyone, it’s called being smart and planning my future.

I tell every person that comes I to my life that I don’t respect people who don’t respect their parents and that don’t earn their keep in life. I was raised to survive and to love my family and friends, anything less is unacceptable.

Till I blog or write again,
Jackie aka Baby J aka JDM




You guys know I love to blog! Well here is something that you can probably relate to!


I will sum it up in a list dedicated to “REASONS WHY I SAID NO” and include short stories to back up each guy for your entertainment. This will be an ongoing blog every time a new situation arises..someone asked me to share my “list” so they can avoid it, imagine that!


(potential blind date guy) -> This JUST happened recently. Dear blind date guy, your friend tells me you are stopping by where we were hanging out. I could care less, however I spoke to you on the phone and you said “I am at the gym then headed to you guys”. You then text friend to tell me that you cannot come, and that you will make it up. I tell him, i don’t wanna meet you, that you said you were fat and I didn’t care if I met you anyway. He says you’re a GOOD GUY and that you are ATTRACTIVE and IN SHAPE and FUNNY and to go on a blind date with you that he will arrange “Give him a chance” he says.

  • NO: Why am I being tricked into a 1980’s version of dating?
  • NO: Something doesn’t feel right.
  • NO: I don’t do “BLIND DATES”
  • NO: I ask to see a picture of you (which I immediately hate): You are sitting down holding two bottles of alcohol wearing a white tee with a dumb look on your face that screams (I pop bottles with money I should be saving because I am broke, and implies you think a good time with me must involve alcohol)
  • NO: I don’t do “hood rich”
  • NO: I added your instagram to view more photos of you (maybe there is a decent one who am I to judge you right?) IT WASNT GOOD.
  • NO: I don’t do sunglasses at night, and neither should you unless you have a million dollar recording deal and it is at your video shoot for hit record.
  • NO: I see pics of your not one or two but maybe three kids, AND a pic of your PREGNANT girlfriend with 4th kid on the way with a caption stating this.
  • NO: I do not date guys with girlfriends, or wives.
  • NO: I do not date guys that LIE, or try to live double lives.
  • NO: I see more pics that make me think WHY WOULD I DATE THIS GUY.
  • NO NO AND ABSOLUTELY NO…. I didn’t give my info to anyone that can find me to set up this date, however they are on my IG. I will have to remove them immediately as this inspired my current list!

(The following applies to several people, no story needed)

  • NO: You never expressed your interest in me before, and are now suddenly infatuated to the point of no return. (Something is wrong here)  
  • NO: You are not over your ex girl and are in denial about it (so many of you forget I can prove this in many ways beginning with your publicizing it)
  • NO: Do not ask me out if you are seeing or fxcking your ex.
  • NO: You live far as shit and are not picking me up or offering a way for me to get to you (what is chivalry over?)
  • NO: You immediately want me to be your “wifey” and we barely know each other.-That is a cry for help.
  • NO: You dated a friend or family member of mine in past-YOU ARE ON MY NO FLY LIST JUST FOR THAT, no explanation needed.
  • NO: You still have “braids” and ginormous earrings, this is not a reggaeton video and this is not 1999. STOP
  • NO: You want to date me but want to be indoors all the time. (That isn’t dating)
  • NO: You make things inconvenient
  • NO: You are a stage five clinger
  • NO: You have the attention span of a fly
  • NO: You are publicly a thirst bucket on all social networks
  • NO: You are trying to exit the friend zone when you haven’t been given any incentive, play your position!
  • THERE WILL BE MORE NO’S….. keep an eye out for the yes list. lol



Sandy Scams

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Hurricane Sandy was a devastating natural disaster that hit us where it hurts. At this time we must be thankful for what we have, there are so many people who lost everything. Many lost entire homes, cars, jobs, and at worst lives.

Several foundations and organizations have reached out to the public for donations and or volunteer time. Valid organizations including but not limited to: The Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, and The Salvation Army.

The tricky part with “helping” is knowing where your donation is truly going. It was said that people were being tricked, scammed and robbed at home.

The above named foundations / organizations have stated that they were notified of fraudulent activity by scammers. They have notified the public to not agree to anything with “door to door” representatives. The Red Cross especially; would never show up door to door for cash donations.

Also, there were people dressing up as fireman, gas and electric company servicemen, contractors and whatever else you can imagine; entering people’s homes to rob them during these tough times. Although most of the issues have been resolved, there are areas that were so badly affected they STILL have ongoing power and or service issues, and being devastated they barely have a clear mind to handle these unexpected attacks.

Tips on being safe and aware are:

Research online with official websites for drop off sites, volunteer locations, and donation protocol. Or call the official hot line for said company, even 311 can verify them.

Never hand cash, check, or credit card details to someone who knocks on your door. A true organization will always have a valid website and protocol for people who want to help.

You can visit or call your local churches or senator office to ask about local drop offs for food and clothing drives.

If a serviceman from an electric or gas company shows up at your house ask for ID.

Last but not least, use your common sense. 😉

Be safe!

-Jackie Speaks

Lately the WWE has been engaging in more gossip than actual match entertainment. Former Monday night raw general manager A.J. Lee was allegedly having relations with pro wrestler John Cena, therefore leading to a public scandal.


Monday Night raw managing supervisor Vicki Guerrero “blew up their spot” when she pulled audio, video, and photo of them engaging in intimate relations and showed the WWE viewers. She and A.J. Lee were close to forgetting about professionalism and having a cat fight.


Although it is a scandal and people love drama, it has taken up too much time on the slot booked for wrestling matches, and is now a factor in upcoming matches between wrestlers involved in scandal and Vickie’s favorite employees.

The upcoming pay per view match “tables ladders and chairs” (TLC) will be a highly anticipated match where Ziggler could lose his “money in the bank” if Cena wins. Vince McMahon WWE  Chairman and CEO has already pushed Vickie Guerrero to select the opponents in upcoming matches based on the controversy and gossip. This is no longer based on physical strengths and talent…is WWE taking a turn for the worst for drama purposes?..

Let’s hear your feedback!

-Jackie Speaks


Serena Williams tweeted a photo of herself and then was forced to remove it soon after due to harsh criticism. Her fans wondered why she would set her self up for what she knew would be a crazy response.

If you don’t want drama why would you feed into your publics fire? #SERIOUSLY!!!

Just a thought Serena!!

-Jackie da model
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I was reading the article below this morning and apparently I made the right choice to not take the train to Union square late night this past friday. As a female i am always with my guards up…especially with the creepy people that linger in areas like union square at night, and or on subway. It doesn’t matter how much you THINK you can handle getting around in NYC you should always take precaution.

Read below to hear about the methadone addicts that have scattered among union square park creating havoc (article via nypost website)-JDM:

Welcome to Methadone Alley!

Addicts flocking to the drug clinics that surround Union Square Park have created a “lawless city within a city” where they’ve been overdosing on drugs and committing crimes ranging from stabbings to exposing themselves, sources told The Post

Spurred by community outrage, the NYPD is stepping up patrols and the private partnership that helps run the park is hiring off duty officers.

The problem centers around what locals call Methadone Alley, a bench-lined path along Union Square East.

The section is named after its inhabitants who spill into the park after visiting the outpatient drug treatment clinics where they get their methadone fixes, said a law-enforcement source said.

'IT'S A HORROR SHOW': A man dozes and drools on a bench in Union Square Park as a pair of local residents do their best to ignore him.

‘IT’S A HORROR SHOW’: A man dozes and drools on a bench in Union Square Park as a pair of local residents do their best to ignore him.

“The public is not safe. It’s a lawless city within a city,” said Geoffrey Croft of New York City Park Advocates.

“It’s a horror show that’s been going on far too long.”

Preschool teacher Jenn Murphy, 29, said the park has gotten so bad, she now hesitates to bring her kids.

“It’s a little shady at times,” said Murphy, complaining about low-lifes who hang out near the playground.

“The language they use . . . and sometimes they try to talk to the kids.”

Cops have made at least 84 drug-related arrests in and around the park this year. Some recent frightening incidents have included:

* A 28-year-old man was attacked and stabbed three times in the back by a knife-wielding 50-year-old man screaming racial slurs on April 22. The victim survived and the attack is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

* Cops busted an accused perv exposing himself in a woman’s bathroom on May 8.

* A woman in her 30s was found unconscious and not breathing near East 16th Street after suffering an overdose on March 19, according to a law-enforcement source.

* A 13-year-old boy’s iPad was stolen out of his backpack.

* A 56-year-old man was busted in the park last Wednesday after cops caught him with more than two ounces of marijuana and magic mushrooms.

Parkgoers say the clean-up efforts are way overdue.

“This is horrendous,” said a 36-year-old woman sitting on a bench at the dog run with her pooch.

“All the drug addicts. There is a general rowdiness. You feel unsafe, especially when it gets dark out,” she said.

But she also vowed she wouldn’t be driven out of the park.

“It’s New York,” she said. “You deal with it.”

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Posted: March 29, 2011 by JDM aka JACKIE SPEAKS in OMG, RANDOM, SERIOUSLY

This is ridiculous…here’s todays “seriously”!



According to CNN:

A Radio Shack owner in Montana has upped foot traffic at his Hamilton store by offering free guns for new satellite television subscribers, according to a local paper.

Fear not, those opposed to gun ownership and those who might fail background checks. You can have free pizza instead.

The sign says it all: “Protect yourself with Dish Network. Sign up now. Get free gun.” (The real marquee has no periods, so I took a little punctuative license.)

Owner Steve Strand told the Ravalli Republic that the promotion “really, really fits the Bitterroot Valley,” while manager Fabian Levy told the newspaper that the gimmick had “been really successful.”

Strand said the promotion, which began in October, has tripled his business and lured hundreds of people curious about the sign. Only one person who “didn’t understand how it works” has reacted negatively, he said.

“We have people literally stop in to take pictures of the sign,” Levy added.

Simply sign a contract, purchase certain equipment, set up an installation date and congratulations! You could be the proud owner of a Hi-Point .380-caliber handgun or a 20-gauge shotgun from Frontier Guns & Ammo, which is just north of town.

If you don’t want a gat or can’t pass the background check (which the Republic reports is also free with the satellite TV subscription), you can still have a $50 Pizza Hut gift card.

Strand told the newspaper that other Radio Shack owners in the state were too scared to follow his lead. Even Dish Network had its doubts but agreed to the idea after months of talks with Strand, the newspaper said.

“They’ve never had a gun promotion before, so they’re a little nervous about it,” Strand said. “It’s been an uphill battle with Dish.”